Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

"You're my June, Tru"

 This book made my heart go on a crazy, wild roller coaster!! I was laughing, sighing, swooning, crying and getting mad with and at the characters. I had to stop at points to calm myself down. My emotions went wild with this book and I seriously LOVED every second of it. I DID NOT want it to ever end!
This book dealt with so many real issues: Cheating, Death, Drug Use, among others. But it does so in a way that grabs at the readers attention and is ESSENTIAL for the story, but it doesn't take away from the core of the novel, the ROMANCE of it. A well written book, full of many STEAMY scenes, but also full of scenes full of raw anger and sadness. Samantha blew me away with how well written this book was. How much she made me fall in love with Jake again and again.

Tru and Jake were best friends as children, doing everything together for years until the horrible day that Jake's family suddenly moved away and tore them apart. They lost touch and each lived their own lives. True never forgot about him, 
“Jake Wethers, the man who used to be the boy I loved.” 

Twelve years later, Tru has become a music journalist at a growing magazine and Jake is a world famous rock star- full of wild nights of parties, drugs and countless women throwing themselves at him. Although they have lost touch with each other Tru has always kept track of Jake's growing career, yet she keeps it to herself that she was once best friends with this world known singer. After so many years without contacting one another Tru's work leads her to having to interview him and write an article about him. She is terrified to see him, all of these crazy thoughts run through her head- Will he remember her? Will he WANT to talk with HER?. She knows all of Jake's dark secrets, the dark past that no one knows about. OMG their first meeting after so many years had ME nervous to see what would happen, but I INSTANTLY fell in love with Jake when we met him. From the first moment Tru sees Jake, it is clear that her feelings for him have not died. Jake offers Tru a music journalist dream job, traveling with him and his band while they go on tour to write the biography of the band. Tru is hesitant to take this job, it means being miles away from her boyfriend, from her friends and family; but it also means spending time with her childhood best friend and rekindling that friendship so she decides to take it. From Jake's and Tru's first encounters we can see that Jake is somewhat attracted to Tru, but she tries to deny it to herself and remind herself that she has a boyfriend. But as the tour rolls on Jake begins to open up himself to Tru and reveals his true feelings for her, and how he was loved her since they were children. Tru tries to repress her feelings for him, knowing that it is wrong. But their feelings become too much to ignore and they give in to these feelings. 

Wow.. this part of the book had me in tears, poor Jake, poor Tru and poor Will (Tru's boyfriend) who gets stuck in the love triangle. I cannot hear the song "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers without thinking about Jake and how much he was in pain during this part of the book. And the moment that Will finds out, WOW, seriously such a well written scene!!

After dealing with the backlash of telling Will the truth, Jake and Tru are finally allowed to be together. But oh no, this does not mean that they had it easy. Jake's fame gets in their way of being a normal couple, of being able to go out on normal dates. The drama that found them while together was so real, and full of emotions that you just felt the anger, the hurt, the sadness that these characters went through. Issue after issue comes in the way of their happiness, but after many, MANY hardships and struggles they are able to work through them and FINALLY get to be together, happily and freely.

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