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Claimed by SE Reign

Wow! I had never heard of this author before, but reading the synopsis got me hooked and I just HAD to read it. Claimed by SE Reign is a quick and steamy read. This book definitely has some similarities to 50 shades but it also has it's own unique elements that captivate you and make you want to read more. I read this book in one sitting and was so mad to see it end. Will definitely be looking up the next book in this novella series. 

Elijah is a Prince, next in line to take over for his father. But he's also a major playboy. His father issues him an ultimatum: finally settle down or lose his title to his cousin. Elijah is used to getting what he wants and he WANTS that throne. He'll do everything in his power to make sure it isn't taken away from him. 

Natalie is your normal American girl. She is trying to save her family and friends from being evicted from their neighborhood. When she meets Elijah, he realizes that they could work together to get what they want. Natalie, her friends and family's homes and Elijah, his right to the throne. 

This is suppose to be just a partnership, a work relationship but damn do things get HOT and STEAMY!! If you like hot, erotic novels then definitely check out this quick but hot read!

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Author Spotlight: Sable Hunter


I bring you this wonderful author: SABLE HUNTER. Learn more about her and her work! 

Let's start of by asking, what got you into writing?


I began writing for two reasons. First, to please myself.My writing served as a source of entertainment and as a source of escape. It gave me another world to visit when the world I lived in was not where I wanted to be. I could create an alternate reality and immerse myself in a life of love, adventure and sensuality. My writings are my fantasies – they are extremely personal. If you want to know me – read my books. I am the heroine in every one. All of the insecurities, failures, hopes and dreams of those women are all me. And the men….well, that’s the fantasy part of it. Second, I like to read a particular kind of book. I like alpha heroes and women with challenges in their life. And I want the hero to fall for the heroine hard – hook line and sinker. I want him to go to his knees at her feet and love her just the way she is. So, I couldn’t find that many of those types of books to write – so I wrote my own. I’m fortunate that other people enjoy visiting my fantasy world. That’s a blessing.    


How did you decide to publish your work?


When I first started, I submitted to Harlequin but they said my work was too dark. My first novel dealt with abuse and a rape, it was aptly called TROUBLE. About that same time, Kindle Publishing on Amazon came to the forefront and I was one of the first who ventured into that world of self-publishing. I put out 8 books pretty quickly and to my shock, they began to sell. A published author introduced me to Secret Cravings and I gave them seven of those books. So I have been traditionally published and I put out another series on my own. I learned from both experiences. Since then, I’ve put out about 30 books, mostly self-published and made the huge leap to publishing other people’s work in BEAU COUP, which is the culmination of what I’ve learned all along the way. I see the value of both pathways and tried to lead people in the best journey for them. Writing is a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade for anything.  

Tell us a little about yourself? Something readers might not know about you?  

Well, I’ve been around awhile and told most everything on myself that could be known. I’m a private person. I don’t make public appearances. I don’t do book signings or conventions. I have never met a ‘fan’. Where I live, I’m mostly incognito. Sable Hunter is me, but I’m more than Sable. I’m a country girl. I grew up around cattle. Texas and Louisiana are both my homes, we have placesin each state. I cook – I’m a damn good cook. I believe in the supernatural. ghosthunt for a hobby. Elvis Presley is my favorite singer, but I love rap music also. I play piano – classical. At one time I had 40 piano students. I’m also an accountant. But now I write full time and own BEAU COUP. I am an animal nut. I have six cats and three dogs. Flowers are a passion. My home in Texas has a yard full of old fashioned roses. I don’t like clear stones like diamonds, I prefer opaque stones. My favorite color is purple, but my houses are decorated in earth tones. I collect Beleek and Waterford. My favorite spot in my house is my shower – its huge and when I get stuck on a story line, I go in there and sit on the bench and get rained on. It has 14 showerheads and a waterfall and I could entertain a professional basketball team in there – its that big. Hmmmm – I like to drive fast. I like foreign cars. I’ve owned a Jag – my favorite, but now I drive a Lexus GFS Sport. My family is very small. I really only have Jess, but he’s enough. I travel by myself on research trips and I travel incognito. I’ve been tempted to put SABLE HUNTER on one side of my RV and SO MANY COWBOYS SO LITTLE ROPE on the other side – but I have refrained – ha!      

Why romance books?

Love is one thing we all long for. And if we can’t have it in real life, we should be able to escape and enjoy it a little while in a book.

What drew you to write this type of book? –

Hmmm romance – I love happy endings, I think everyone deserves one. And I write erotic romance because sex is the icing – the very best part of life and I want as much of it as I can get.

What inspires you to write? Do you use real life events in your writing?

Poignant things – photos, songs, news stories – things like that inspire me to write. And yes, I do use real life events in my books – mostly things that have happened to me. Many of the funny and sad stories are mine – from the bull chasing the lady in Hot on Her Trail to Avery getting a microphone hung in her mouth in BADASS – all me. I even write Sable Hunter in my stories. I use my background, my ghost stories, my nana – my neighbors – if you live around me or do something funny – you’re in my book. After all, they say write what you know – so I do.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My interest developed because I like to read. I never did play dolls or games – I read. When I was in Junior High, I would write stories about my friends and then let them read the finished product. I was a good student in school and writing was a strong point of mine – so I always knew I could do it. I just had to make myself be still enough to start.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I have several – Maya Banks, Lorelei James, Sarah McCarty, Shayla Black – and the one thing that I admired about their work was that they told a helluva story and it was so hot the kindle singed my fingers. So, I’ve taken up that banner. I write a story complete enough and compelling enough that if the sex were removed, it would still be good. But who wants to do without sex? Not me.  


Who designed the covers?

For the most part – Barb, my assistant, makes my covers both for me and for the company. But the design and vision is my own. I try to bring a scene in the books to life and no one knows them better than I do.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The hardest part - - letting go. So, I solved that by letting my books be all interconnected. So, I never have to say goodbye to a character because their stories never end. I let each book be about a particular couple and I do give them a nice tidy HEA, but all of my characters still interact with one another so you get to revisit and catchup and be a part of their lives and their world – on and on.  

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Gracious me. Yes. Write. Write. But study your market and realize that you have to have a GOOD story to tell. As a publisher, I can assure you that I can fix- usually – a poorly written story, but I can do nothing for a well written boring piece of literature. Create an addictive world that people want to move into – and you’ll write a book that will sell. And develop your characters – spend time letting us know what made them the people they are at the time the story is taking place. Build their personalities and their past. And make sure that you allow the reader to see your story when they read it. So many times I read books that I can hear – and by that I mean there is dialogue and introspection, but there is no action or description or setting. And you have to do both. You want that reader to envision the book unfolding just as much as you do when you’re writing it. And EDITS – get your book edited if you are self-publishing. In Beau Coup, we go through a three prong edit process. And know this – a cover will attract a reader, but seldom does it sell a book. The BLURB is all powerful, that’s what attracts me – sell me on your book. The cover is bait, but its not the main thing. AND lastly – writing a book is the easy part. Marketing is the hard part and it has to be done. Not a choice. There are millions of books out there for readers to choose from so you have to do something to bring attention to your book – you have to move it from the back of the book store to the front – and that’s not an easy thing to do. Getting attention for your book is hardand its critical. But having said all of that – this is the time. There is no other more writer friendly time in our history than now. If you have a good, addictive, creative story – you can do well.


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I love my readers. They are the most wonderful people in the world. I write for them, now, as much as I write for myself. So here is my commitment to you, readers of SABLE HUNTER and the HELL YEAH! Series. I promise to do my best to create for you tales that are meaningful. I will give you of myself when I do. I will foster hope that we all can be loved for ourselves – no matter what mountains we have to climb or difficulties we have to face. We all deserved to be loved. We all deserve a hero. I’m holding out for one – and I hope you do too.


Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Right now I’m working on several things. WELCOME TO MY WORLD – Hell Yeah! 14 will be about Bowie Travis Malone and Cassie Cartwright. Cassie is in a wheelchair. And when you find out how and why – it will break your heart. But their love is going to make a helluva tale.

Ryan and I are writing a 4th of July story called COME FOR ME about a girl, Lacy, who has been unlucky in love. Her ‘inadequate’ former boyfriend has convinced her she’s frigid. And she’s never had an orgasm. So she listens to her girlfriends talk and wishes she could know the joy of having someone in her life who would desire her. And don’t worry – we’ve created the perfect solution – and his name is JAKE. And I want him for myself!!

This book will kick off the DIXIE DREAMING series and introduce another couple who will carry the dream forward.

I have others too – my head is full of stories.      

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questionsfor us!


Check out Sable's work: 

Thunderbird - Hell Yeah! Book 13 by Sable Hunter and Ryan O’Leary


Soul mates. Twin souls. Two people destined to be together. Their journey to love is never an easy one, but when they meet – their hearts beat only for one another. 
Kyle Chancellor is a hero, an honest to God hero. After winning the Heisman, he turns down a lucrative career as a professional football player to fight in Afghanistan. Not many know he enlisted because his heart was broken. When his time is up, Kyle comes home to form the Equalizers with the members of former Seal Team 7, they band together to fight battles for those who cannot fight for themselves. 
Hannah Montenegro is a woman who has sacrificed her life to help her family, never knowing the joys and freedom a young girl should enjoy. She lives in constant fear of being discovered in a country where she has no citizenship and no hope for the future.
But fate has a plan…the night Kyle comes back to Texas, they meet in a bar where he is drowning his sorrows and she is spreading her wings to learn how to fly. From the moment they touch, the heat between them is undeniable. But unfortunate circumstances separate them and neither dares dream they will see one another again. 
Kyle is from a powerful Texas family. Because of his work with the Equalizers, his stance on stem-cell research and internet security, he is the only one surprised to find the people of the Lone Star state want him to run for Governor. Many get behind him, including the McCoys. But the one person he wants at his side eludes him. 
Hannah is always on his mind. From the beginning their relationship is complicated, but when she comes back into his life, he grabs onto her with both hands. Politics, a sex tape, immigration issues and a baby complicates their pathway to happiness. But Kyle is the Thunderbird and Hannah is his soul mate in the truest sense of the word. Their journey to love is one you’ll never forget.
A modern day Cinderella story with a twist…


Before he could answer or they could absorb the significance of their shared vision, the skies opened up above them and rain came pouring down. Kyle pulled Hannah’s hand over his arm and they raced back up the hill toward the house and stood on the front steps watching the rain wash down in sheets. A bolt of lightning split the sky and a thunderclap followed. Kyle shook his head. "I suppose you're going to blame me for that, aren't you?" "Why'd you have to go and ruin a perfectly good day?" Her admission of having the Thunderbird dream had floored him before and now he had no doubt, she was the ‘one’. This was absolute proof as far as he was concerned, and the information had Kyle’s mind racing. The significance overwhelmed him. He felt like he was face to face with his destiny and Kyle was compelled to fall on one knee and propose. But it was too soon…so they’d play instead. "Ruin a perfectly good day? We’ll see about that. I’ll have you know any day you spend with me is a good day." Kyle said and lunged for her. Hannah spun away and ran for the front door. She pulled it closed behind her, but Kyle yanked it open. "Where are you going, Newman?" Hannah backed away from the door slowly, weighing her options. She didn't know the house at all. She looked left. Kyle kicked his shoes off and stalked her. "Don't want to go in there." She looked right. "That'd be an even worse decision." They were in the expansive ballroom where they’d danced the night before. Hannah could make a break for the kitchen, but then what? Kyle would almost certainly cut her off before she made it there to hide behind the massive island that dominated the room. Kyle stopped and leaned against one of the big Greek style columns which framed the room. "Looks like you're trapped." He started to move slowly, circling the room, cutting off Hannah's escape to the kitchen. "Kitchen’s not an option anymore. Unless you think you can get by me." "I have a couple times already." Kyle smile. God, she was adorable. He began to circle again. "Because I let you." He was at the stairs now. "You could make a break for the washroom, but the handle’s broken. So you wouldn't be safe." "You're lying." He circled more. "I could be. But what if I'm not?" Hannah looked toward the front door. "Don't want to go back out there, Newman. I made it rain, remember? I can make it rain more." "Then I'll stay right where I am." Kyle approached slowly. Hannah was mesmerized. Her heart was pounding. She should run. "Last chance, Newman," Kyle said when he was only a few feet from her. So, this was what they called the thrill of the chase. Her whole body was revved up. Oh well, she’d just let him chase her until she caught him. Ha! With a lilting giggle, Hannah broke to her left, the kitchen her only option. Kyle closed the gap with one big stride and pinched her rear. Hannah jumped and yelped before changing her direction. She headed for the steps. The slick mud on the bottom of her boots caused a loss of traction and Kyle snatched her before she fell forward. He spun her around and into his arms. "Look what I caught." Hannah pushed him away and ran for the stairs again. She stumbled on the first step, but gained her balance with the railing and dashed up the steps. "I'm gonna get you," Kyle said from behind her, making a grab for her ass. He managed to get a handful, but Hannah scampered away. She was four steps from the landing when he appeared at her side and stuck his hand in front of her. She had nowhere to go. Kyle stepped close and backed her into the wall. He looked down at her, neither of them saying a word. Hannah's foot slipped nervously off the edge of the step and she regained her footing. The only sound in the house was Hannah's breathing. She inhaled sharply, her heart beating a thousand miles a minute. Kyle placed a hand on her arm. "We can't have you wearing these wet clothes, can we?" Hannah looked up at him. She gnawed on her bottom lip and shook her head ever so slightly. "Boots," Kyle said. Hannah lifted her leg and he helped her out of them. "Tights." Hannah shook her head like a petulant child. Kyle pulled his sweater up over his head. "I'll take them off of you if you don't do it yourself." The idea sent a charge of electricity to Hannah's nipples. She shook her head no again. Kyle reached both hands around her back. Hannah was glued to the wall, hands at her sides. He lifted her sweater up and pulled her tights down roughly, almost taking Hannah off her feet. He kissed her calf as she stepped out of her wet tights and kissed her bare thigh on the way up. "Shirt," Hannah muttered. "Louder, Newman." She wanted to be forceful, but his presence had stolen her breath. "Shirt," she muttered again. "One more time?" She was already on unsteady knees. "Take your shirt off." She wanted to rip it off of him herself, but much like her mouth, her arms didn’t seem to work. Kyle pulled his shirt up over his head. It was soaked and clung to him as he went. Hannah stared at the ridges of his six-pack as he struggled. The desire to reach out and feel him tore at her. Her hand was halfway to feeling his rippling abs when Kyle finally freed himself from the wet shirt. "Your turn." Hannah didn't respond. Kyle undid his belt and pulled it out of the loops. "Last chance." He leaned into her ear and whispered, "Don't make me take it off for you."

Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for 
a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.

Author Spotlight: Ryan O'Leary

Hello Ryan, thank you for taking the time to do this interview for Jen's Book Reviews


Let's start of by asking, what got you into writing? How did you decide to publish your work?


Hello, Jen. Great to be here, thanks for having me. Writing?Hmmmm. Well, I always say, “We all have a story inside of us that we want to tell and I think we should.” I know, it’s not a great saying, it won’t go down in history, but it’s how I feel. I always had these stories playing in my head, so I figured, why not take a stab at trying to write them down. So I did and here we are. As far as publishing them, well, I read an article online about how the ebook market was flourishing and how it was becoming easier to self-publish books online now, instead of relying on a publisher to publish for you, so I gave it a shot and again, here we are.


Tell us a little about yourself?


Not much to tell, I’m a pretty normal guy, I just happen to have an overactive imagination, so I write.


I will say I was surprised to see a male author whose work got me curious to read more. Have you gotten any other readers tell you this before?


I don’t hear much from people who have read my stuff. Which is fine, I don’t expect feedback, unless someone feels compelled to share. I will tell you that because of the genre I write, which is erotic, I do have the fear that a lot of potential female readers will see the male name on the cover and automatically dismiss it as porn, that the pages will be filled with nothing but guys getting blowjobs and having hot three-ways with co-eds, but that’s not what I write. Of course there is hot sex in there, at least I hope, but I try to make the stories about something more than just the sex. My favourite parts to write are the flirty moments, the exchanges between the male and female. Sure, the actual sex scenes are great, but the banter is the part I enjoy writing the most.


What genre would you describe your books to be?


Erotic. I liek sex and as such, I write sex.


What inspires you to write?


I can’t say anything ‘inspires’ me, I just write when I fell liek it, when there is a story in my head that I want to tell.


Do you outline your work before you begin writing or do you just let inspiration hit you?


There is always a plan. I usually have an ending in mind first, then work towards that. Outlines are great to have, but as most writers will tell you, you rarely stick to them.


Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?  


I was about twenty and bored. I was looking for a project, something to do, something interesting, so I decided to write a movie script. I can’t say for sure why I choose that, but I figured it would give me some sort of creative outlet, so I did. When that was done, I figured, why not write a book. So I did, and I’vebeen doing it for fun ever since.


Who is your favorite author in your genre and what is it that really strikes you about their work?


Sable Hunter of course. Aside from the heat she brings to her stories, it’s the way she moves the reader, how she takes you on a rollercoaster. There’s humour and pain and triumph and defeat and at the end, you want to know more. I think every authourstrives to be able to write liek that, but few authours in this world have that kind of talent and Sable just has it.


I love the covers to your books, how do you come up with what you want on the cover?


I look at a ton of pictures on photo websites.


Anybody in particular that helps you design it?


Barb Caruso helps me, she puts the cover together based on the pics I find her, or she suggests to me. She does the first mock-up, then shows me and we work on it together, but there usually isn’t much to work on, because she does such a good job. Sable is also invaluable, she has great ideas and liek Barb, she just seems to have this talent and eye for covers. I’m a guy and my books are more geared towards women, and as such, it’s harder for me to come-up with a cover that would appeal to the female eye, so having Barb and Sable there to say, “No, Ryan. That’s too pornish,” or, “I think the font is a little too masculine,” is great, because I can’t see it the way they do.


Do you have any advice for other writers?


Write and be prepared to work extremely hard if you want to be a successful. And be realistic. A lot of first time writers think that they will write a book and it will sell a bazillion copies and they’ll become this overnight success story, but that’s not reality. It’s good to dream and to hope, but have your eyes open to the reality of writing for profit.


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?


Thank you.


Who are your favorite authors to read?


Aside from Sable? Well, I read a lot of Stephen King.


Can you share a little of your current work with us?


Right now I’m working on a Fourth Of July story with Sable. I won’t tell you too much, but I will tell you it involves fireworks. Both in the sky and in the bedroom.


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us!


My pleasure, and thanks for having me.

J’s Closet & Happy To Be Stuck With You


J's Closet: Volume 1 includes 7 short stories about Travis and his wife J thus far.

No head games, just fun games. Come along with J and her swoon-worthy husband Travis, as this sexy married couple explores the contents of J's extensive wardrobe. Whether they're in Travis' Charger, on a beach in Mexico or at a hot yoga class, J's got the right outfit to make Travis sit up and beg.

*Content Warning: intended for mature audiences 18+

Happy To Be Stuck with You

****** Blurb******

Love at first sight? Travis Ross didn’t believe in it until he laid his eyes on a mysterious brunette across the room at a party. From the very first word out of her mouth, Travis is smitten by this feisty little girl with the one letter na
me. Just back from Mexico, Travis’ mystery girl is full of surprises, some exquisite and some not so nice, but no matter what fate throws at them, Travis is determined to keep them together, determined to win her heart and make sure she’s happy to be stuck with him forever. Find out what happened before J got her closet.


“I wanna hear the rest of that song you were playing earlier,” J said absentmindedly as she ran a fingertip over the edge of a row of cereal boxes. We’d wandered into a small market. I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of store we’d walked into, but it looked like the kind of place my dad would have come to buy a twenty dollar, organic peach he could brag about later. I wasn’t that familiar with this part of town, but the expensive suits that roamed the aisles with women who looked like the only bad habit they had was Louis Vuitton, made me think we’d walked into a yuppie supermarket. I took my phone out and pulled Huey back up. “You mean, you want to hear the rest of our song.” I couldn’t help myself. The idea that J and I had our own song, had me smiling from ear to ear and her face glowed radiant when she smiled back at me. She took my free hand in hers. “Can I hear it?” “Hear what?” She squeezed my hand and nibbled on her bottom lip. “Our song.” A blast of ice ran across my spine and I shook my arms out. I pulled J into me.” Say it again.” “What? Our song?” I collapsed to the ground. “Travis!” J shrieked and kneeled beside me. “Are you okay?” I kept my eyes closed and hit the play button on my phone. Huey was back. I sang the first few lines from the floor, eyes still closed. “You know what this song is, right?” “Huey something and the news?” J said from above me. I opened my eyes. “It’s our song.” I sat up on an elbow and pulled J awkwardly in for a kiss. She rocked on her feet and almost fell over. “Travis.” God, I loved the way my name sounded rolling off her lips. “Our song,” I said and bounded up. I cranked the volume as loud as I could and Huey echoed in the store. A nerdy kid wearing a blue smock appeared at the end of the aisle and leered at us. I held the phone up to him. “Know what this is, kid?” “No,” he responded. I put my arm around J. “It’s our song.” I motioned with a finger, back and forth at J and myself. “Okay,” the nerdy kid said. “It’s not your song,” I said. “It’s not his song.” I pointed to a guy on his phone. “It’s our song.” I motioned to J and myself again. Phone guy looked J up and down and then into my eyes. “Yeah. She’s with me, Pal. Back to your call you go.” Was I taunting them a bit? Maybe. Being obnoxious? Oh, for sure, but my head was swimming. I felt ten feet tall. Fuck that! I felt a hundred and ten feet tall with J on my arm, so maybe I was being a little cocky, but when you had a girl who made you feel the way J made me feel, you were allowed to be that way.

Rarely will you find Ryan O'Leary in a state of rest; if he's not on the ice or kicking around a soccer ball, he's plotting his next story or out on the town with friends. His fun and flirty nature makes it possible for him to write the kind of romance that makes the reader both smile and tingle.

All J's Closet Series of eBooks Nominated in Goodreads Indie Authors Everybody Should Read - April 1, 2013


Blog Tour: The Resistance by S.L. Scott

The Resistance by SL Scott is a HOT, HOT, HOT book!! S.L. has done it once again with this amazingly written story. Every single one of S.L. Scott's books that I've read, I have fallen in love with. Her words captivate you and pull you into Holli and Dalton's world and through their steamy but definitely bumpy relationship. 

Holli, or Holliday, is one of those female characters that I love. She is strong and definitely independent, but also has a soft and vulnerable side to her. A side that needs to be taken care of. She has built up this small business out a simple and silly thing, but is trying her hardest to make a name for herself. Then there is Mr. Jack Dalton. Man, you can tell that this guy is TROUBLE the moment Holli meets him. But what girl can resist a bad boy? The first time that they meet they are in Vegas. And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? That's what Holli is thinking when she decides to take this strangers offer for a quick hookup. We can quickly see that this one night thing won't be just that, especially with the way these two are with each other. But when secrets are uncovered will they be able to go past the Vegas hookup? Will a real relationship be able to occur between these two? Guess you will just have to wait and read!

This book was steamy and hot, BUT it was also very romantic and sweet. There were lines or scenes in this book that had me fanning myself to cool off and other parts that had me swooning over Dalton and his way with words. I seriously LOVE S.L.'s "Welcome To Paradise" series and love Evan, BUT I think THIS is my favorite book from her up till now (that may very likely change once she releases something else lol). You DON'T want to pass it up!!

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Author Spotlight: Palessa

I bring you this wonderful author who is very new to me. I hope you learn more about her and her books and check them out!!

Let's start of by asking, what got you into writing? How did you decide to publish your work? I was writing non-fiction books for Beau Coup and was reading a couple of Sable's books. They reminded me of stories I'd written when I was younger. That was when I got the idea for Newton Baxter that wouldn't go away so I thought "let me give this a shot." It took me a while to flesh it out and I like what I was writing so I handed it to Sable, at least the first section. She liked it and when I came up with the next section; that was when the publishing journey kicked in.
What authors inspire you? I recently did one of those crazy, fun online quizzes that told me who I write like. Well, as it turns out, I write like Anne Rice. I read the Witching Hour when I was a teenager, loved it and read more from her. I also love Barbara Taylor Bradford, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, a bit of Nella Larsen, Zora Neale Hurston...I tend to lean more to the classics these days for some reason.
Tell us a little about yourself? That's a question I don't answer very well as my typical answer is "I was born and I'm still here." Basically, Jamaican-born, Miami-bred, moved back to the island in summer 2011 and it was really the best decision I ever made. When you get off the treadmill and detox from constantly being on-the-go and in survival-mode, strange things start happening. I was actually able to think more about my life and how I wanted to enjoy it in a way I wasn't able to for quite a while.
What genre would you describe your books to be? I describe them as drama with romantic elements but I think this Baxter series has so far been classified as romantic suspense.
What inspires you to write? Well, I think my desire to tell the story. I spent a lot of years just ignoring those voices in my head and they wouldn't let up. So now that I'm in a space to write whoever wants to guide me through, I think it's working out.
Do you outline your work out before you begin writing or do you just let inspiration hit you? I write in sections so I plan out each section in terms of what is covered. So each section has a starting point and an ending point. The journey creates itself and at time, I'm surprised by the turns.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? Who is your favorite author in your genre and what is it that really strikes you about their work? Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? It really started with having a diary at a young age and being rejected. Really writing helped me analyze feeling and myself pretty deeply. As far as genre, I don't have one necessarily. I have read fantasies, sci-fi, drama, romance, non-fiction…and if I like it, then it's good. As far as a message to my readers: a HUGE thank you. I know you have millions to choose from so thanks for picking me and for sharing with your friends and fans. I couldn't do this without you.
Who are your favorite authors to read? I tend to lean more to stories than authors these days, and I'm checking out Tale of Two Cities and Sense & Sensibility as well as a list of Beau Coup authors.
Can you share a little of your current work with us? Sure. Book 2 in the Baxter series is called Portrait of Gray. It's the story of Grayson Baxter, brother of Cass Baxter, from Unchained Hearts. His journey is a tough one and he goes through a lot of heartbreak as he learns more about himself and his place in the family, which, if you read Book 1, is a subject I touched on. I go a little deeper with it here. It was fun to write for sure; I'm happy with the result.

Book 1 in the Baxter Family Saga Series

Kyle Avery, CEO of Mama Avery Foods, has been summoned to a special meeting by a note from her late mother, Virgilia Avery. When she arrives, she meets the elusive mogul Newton "Cass" Baxter, CEO of Baxter Chemicals and learns of the nearly forty year history her mother shared with Cass, as well as the obstacles they'd been forced to endure. As Kyle struggles to understand their history, she's forced to confront the man who loved and left her, Brandon Hall, VP of Baxter Chemicals and the adopted son of Cass Baxter. Kyle and Brandon unite in love, but separate in tragedy. They are forced to deal with the sad legacy of their parent's lives as well as their own heartbreak. It's up to them to finally break the chains which bind their hearts and find their own path to happiness.
*Content Warning: Adult Content, may have some explicit scenes.


When she finally got her ticket, she stood at the door, digging through her purse. Just as she reached for the handle, her hand touched someone else's. She looked up at him and felt a sudden jolt through her body. Their eyes locked for what seemed like an eternity. 

Virgilia was suddenly lost in his warm emerald green eyes. He looked at her brown eyes and caught his breath. 
"After you," he said, as she suddenly remembered where she was and why.

"Thank you," she managed to get out as she walked through the door he held open.

Neither of them had ever felt that way before and didn't know what to make of it. Was it a case of static? It felt a little too good to be just a random shock.

Virgilia tried to shake it off as she made her way into the theater. It was packed and she craned her head to find a possible seat. There were a couple of vacancies close to the front. Virgilia hated being that close to the screen, but as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers. She found a seat and relaxed a bit. Not long after, her green-eyed doorman sat next to her.

"I'm not following you," he said, grinning at the look of surprise on her face. "This is just the only seat which seems to be left"

"Don't worry. I didn’t think you were following me"

"Why not? Aren't you worth following?" he flashed Virgilia a devastating smile which made her blush. Before she could even think of an answer, the lights dimmed.

She felt him lean in to her "We will continue this discussion later." Her stomach shivered as she cleared her throat and focused on the screen.

Throughout the movie, the audience’s reaction just heightened the tension of the scenes. Virgilia had no idea how big this shark was, but she knew the next time she decided to go to the beach, she would definitely rethink it.

A couple of times, the movie made her jump, much to the amusement of her doorman.

"Don't worry, Precious," he whispered. "I'll protect you"

Virgilia felt the pit of her stomach flutter when he called her "precious." If it were any other man, she would have been offended, even threatened. With him, it felt natural to hear him to call her that and she didn't even know his name.

When the movie ended, she stared at the screen, reading the credits. When she turned to glance at him, he was gone. Virgilia felt a pang of disappointment.

As she exited the theater, she felt a presence behind her. She turned to see him smiling at her.

"You never did answer my question. Don't you think you're worth following?"

"I will only answer questions from men whose names I know."

"Fair enough" he said as he extended his hand "My friends call me Cass."

"I'm Virgilia," she said as she shook his hand

"That's quite a name. I think I'll call you 'Lila' for short."Normally she hated it when people called her by some modification of her name, but this one seemed different. "Do you often change the name of the people you meet to suit yourself?"

"Only the special ones."

Virgilia felt her cheeks get hot and her stomach do backflips. No stranger had ever made her feel so at ease.

For his part, Cass was fascinated by this vision he saw before him. There was something about this woman, a light, a fire which drew him in and made him want to lose himself in those gorgeous brown eyes. He’d never felt anything like it before and was not going to let this opportunity pass him by.

"Yes," Virgilia said, suddenly.

"Yes, to Lila?"

"That too, but I meant the answer to your question." Cass looked a little lost and then she said, "I am worth following."

Cass felt his heart flip as he grinned. "Shall we?" he said offering his arm.

They walked around and talked for what felt like minutes, but turned out to be hours as evening turned to dusk. Virgilia's face hurt from smiling so much; she couldn't recall the last time she had such fun by herself or with anyone.

Cass found her smart and witty and even more beautiful than when he’d opened the door for her. He had met some stunning women in his life, but tonight, they seemed merely passable compared to Lila.

"It's getting late." She said "I had better get home"

"I'll walk you." he announced.

"No, I don't live too far from here."

He held his hand up. "I'm not letting any woman walk alone at night anywhere, no matter how close she lives."

They’d only just met, but the look on his face said he wasn't going to take ‘no’ for an answer. She thought better of starting an argument as they slowly made it to the gate of her house.

"Well, this is me," she said.

He nodded and looked at the house. It was small, modest, and held a bit of charm with the low white fence separating it from the house next door.

"Cass, I had a wonderful time."

"So did I," Cass said as his gaze moved from her eyes to her lips. "I want to do it again."

Virgilia wanted the same, but she had to be practical. "Maybe we should leave it at tonight."

Cass looked Virgilia straight in the eyes with a determination he felt deep within him. He was not used to hearing the word ‘no’ from a woman. But from this woman, the thought of not seeing her after tonight was completely unacceptable. "I don't believe you believe that. I can see it in your eyes…”

Portrait of Gray by Palessa


Continue the Baxter Family Saga with book 2 

Grayson Baxter, first born of Julian and Joan, has always been the prodigal of the Baxter clan. He has also been heavily into drugs since he was a teenager. As his brother Cass enters a new phase in his life and is headed towards taking over the family business, Grayson’s drug use worsens. When he attempts to break away from the family that hates him, something goes terribly wrong. After tragedy strikes and with the help of a unique rehab facility, Grayson gets his life back. He discovers and pursues his desire to become a therapist and fall in love with Bindi Gail. Just as they start a life together, one fateful decision tears them apart. Through life’s twists and turns he finds his way from lost to found and learns to love again, Grayson’s journey to survive and realize his path as a Baxter makes his redemption more satisfying.


It was the day of Cass' return and even though the house seemed quiet, there was a little bit of a spark in the air. Julian was planning to have a party the next day, inviting some of the most elite of Gables society to show off his son. As Grayson walked downstairs to the pool, he met his father coming out of the home office.

"Grayson," Julian began, "Cass will be in late tonight. We're planning to have breakfast tomorrow at the Biltmore. Can you possibly make it a priority to show up on time?"

Grayson grinned. "What's the matter, Father? Afraid I'll be fashionably late and upset the golden boy?"

Julian looked at his son steadily, unsmiling. He had no idea what he needed to do to get to Grayson, but one day he vowed he would before it was too late. Grayson looked at his father and then looked away. He hated being stared at, especially by the inscrutable Julian Baxter who saw everything and said little.

Grayson sighed and shook his head. "Fine." He could never get the better of the old man and there was no use in wasting time. Giving him one last look, Julian walked away. Grayson ambled to the patio and made a mental note to call Jerry. He needed a little extra boost to last him through his brother's return. 


Grayson jumped in one of the cars and headed over to Jerry's place. He desperately needed a hit of something to take the edge off, and the only place he’d get some peace to enjoy it was outside of the manor.

"And then he looked at me and I just stood there," Grayson said as he took a hit of the weed.

"At least he gives a shit," Jerry replied. "Mine was too busy beating the shit out my mother and me to even say 'boo.' He blamed my mother for his sorry state. She worked her fingers to the bone and when she got pregnant, he beat her so bad she lost the baby. Then blamed her for it."

"Damn, man." Grayson was stunned. Grayson had known Jerry for over ten years and he rarely talked about his family life. It was only when they were in college that he learned Jerry’s father was dead and his mother was in jail, but he never knew why.

"The day my mother offed my father was the happiest day of my life." Jerry stared unblinking at nothing and Grayson could see the grip his memories held him in. "She’d just had enough of the beating, the screaming, the yelling...and she decided it as time." Grayson sat and listened. His life was a fairytale in comparison, and for a moment he felt like a brat. "But my mom was smart." Jerry leaned over and looked at Grayson with a smile on his face. "She’d gotten a special insurance policy on my father and made me the beneficiary. She set it up special so that when my father died, I’d be taken care of and the money wouldn’t be spent willy-nilly by my uncle." Jerry nodded, tapping his forefinger on his temple. "She set up some trust or whatever that paid for school and books and college. She set aside some money to pay my uncle to take care of me, but she did what she thought she needed to do."

Grayson listened and wondered if Joan would have ever done anything like that for him or any of his siblings. He didn't even have to answer because he already knew and it made him sick. 

Palessa started reading her first romance novel, at the age of 11. Then she got introduced to V.C. Andrews, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Anne Rice and many more notable contemporary authors as well as some of the classics, A Tale of Two Cities, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby and others. It was during her teenage years that she dabbled in writing. First, it was in her diaries, then she started creating characters, stories about romance, the supernatural and much more. Being an I.B. student as well as entering college, left little time for writing and so she put it and the ideas aside to pursue a career. It would take almost 20 years, a radical move from the city she grew up in, Miami, FL back to her Caribbean birthplace, and a chance Facebook meeting with Sable Hunter to start the juices flowing again. After some fits and starts, the Baxter Family Saga was born. Unchained Hearts is Palessa's first published fiction book with Beau Coup Publishing. She considers herself just a storyteller that sees no reason to shy away from the juicier romantic elements. She currently lives in the mountains of Jamaica with her crazy, cracker-munching-mutt Ivy and a farm, primarily managed by agribusiness partner, also known as Dad.