Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finding My Way by Heidi McLaughlin

Finally! It felt as if we were never going to get Liam's story, or at least it felt that way. I squealed when I saw that Finding My Way had been delivered! Heidi McLaughlin had me fall in love with Liam in Forever My Girl. We saw his life as he tried to get the love of his life back. But now we get the chance to see his high school years and his life as he became Liam Page, the famous rock star. Heidi McLaughlin's way of writing has always had a way of captivating me. Her way with details pulls me into Liam's mind and makes me feel as if I'm the one going through all of his troubles.

If you've read Forever My Girl, then you'll know a bit about his past. But now we get the REAL story behind the famous Liam Page. Wow! Poor Liam... he has so much pressure put on his shoulders. Dealing with an unloving father, an uninvolved mother, the only person that seems to be there for him is Josie. She's his rock. Football and Josie, those are the main focuses on Liam Westbury's life. But as his high school graduation and more importantly college gets closer, his stress levels go up more and he begins to feel helpless and as if his life isn't going as he had planned and envisioned. His only real 'me' time is when he is alone and able to freely play his guitar.

As we keep reading the book we keep seeing his stress levels going higher and higher. Liam feels hopeless and as if he's slowly losing his mind, and more importantly, himself. My heart completely broke when I read how Liam and Josie broke up, or how Liam broke up with her. Knowing how much he felt broken after doing so. After this breakup we see the story of how Liam Page came to be. One of my all time favorite scenes in the whole book was seeing Liam and Harrison's friendship form, and more importantly seeing when Quinn came into their lives. We also, finally, get the whole story behind Sam, and why she is that crazy woman we met in Forever My Girl. Even though Liam is now this world famous star, he is not completely happy. His 'Jojo' is always there in the back of his mind and in his heart...

I devoured this book. It hooked me in and kept me wanting to read more and more of Liam's story. Once again Heidi McLaughlin has given us an emotion filled book. Every single one of her books that I've read has captivated me and made me fall in love with her characters and this one is no exception. I fell EVEN MORE in love with Liam, if that was even possible. Seeing everything that he went through made me want to give him a huge hug. The Beaumont Series is definitely a MUST READ!!!

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