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Top 13 Book Boyfriends of 2013!!

 There are SO MANY great Book Boyfriends that I have discovered this year. I wanted to add ALL of them to my list. BUT if I did that then what is the point of this list! I think this was the HARDEST of my lists to narrow down as I kept coming up with another book boyfriend to add and unable to choose which one to take off the list. But at last I came up with this list. A list of book boyfriends that have moved me and made me fall in love with them over and over again. I might have hated some of them for a bit but they always found a way to make me fall in love with them all over again! 

1. Gunner Matthews- Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott
 We met Gunner in Kelly Elliott's book Wanted. He is Ellie's brother Jeff's roommate and best friend. A cowboy and football player, but most importantly one of the most romantic guys I have ever read about. The lengths he would go to prove to Ellie that he loved her and cared for her just amazed me. And it didn't just end in Wanted, nope! In the books following Wanted, we continue to see Gunner's romantic side! LOVE HIM!

"Ellie, I would rather die than ever break your heart. I have never in my life felt like this. I would lay down my life for you if I had to. I love you baby."

2. Colt Harris- Finding Home by Ann Vaughn
Colt Harris, a former military man. He is tough but full of love as well! He loves Sarah with everything he has. At times he might overstep his boundaries, but its always because he believes that he is doing what is best for Sarah. It's amazing how their love is somewhat a love at first sight, at least from Colt's side of things. He had an instant attraction to her and pursued her after that first time he saw her.

"More than the promise of white, just a touch of something on its way to red; a whisper, a caress, a blush. I'll see you soon, baby" 

3. Travis Maddox- Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Travis Maddox, where to begin with him. He is such a complex character. He acts so tough and strong when really he is very vulnerable inside. I fell in love with him in Beautiful Disaster, the way he cared for his 'pigeon'. But it was Walking Disaster that made me fall HARD for this bad boy. Seeing things from his perspective just did me in. 
"I know you deserve better than me. You think I don't know that? But if there was any woman made for me... it's you. I'll do whatever I have to do, Pidge. Do you hear me? I'll do anything."
4. Dean Holder- Hopeless/Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
Holder, poor Holder! He has struggled so long with the guilt of Hope's dissapearance, and then once again with the death of his twin sister. When it seems as if he's finally finding some happiness, it seems as if everything comes back to him all at once. I fell for how sweet he was in Hopeless, how much he cared and was there for Sky as she tried to uncover her past. But once again I fell for him hard in Losing Hope. Just seeing things straight from him touched my heart and made me hurt for him.

"I used to think the best part of me died with Les, but the best part of me is standing right here in front of me."
5. Chris Knight- Shattered Hearts Series by Cassia Leo
Chris, he left believing that he was doing what was best for both him and Claire. Once they are reunited the sparks fly once again. The way Chris is relentless when trying to win her over again. He knows how much she has gone through and wants her back no matter what. In the first book I wasn't his #1 fan, but that changed as I continue reading. Then I realized just how perfect they are for one another!!

"Claire, the love of my life and mother of my child. The owner of my heart and soul and the inspiration for every song I write. If you ever doubt how much I love you, I'll always be there to remind you."

6. Kellan Kyle- Thoughtless
Kellan Kyle, known by everyone as a playboy. But that changes somewhat when he meets Kiera. He tried so hard to keep his distance from her, but it was impossible. These two where made for one another! They compliment one another so perfectly. But the struggles these two went through had me in pain for him. Kiera made him suffer so much I just wanted to strangle her sometimes! But Kellan did not give up hope!

"My life was empty before you stepped into it. I thought I had everything I needed, but only because I didn't let myself want anything. And then I saw you, and you burned a hole straight through me. I have never wanted anything more in my life. And I have never been more terrified in all my life. In all my life." 
7. Jack Carter- The Game series
Jack, oh man. Where do I begin with Jack?? He took me on one hell of a ride. I loved him, then I wanted to strangle him and then he made me fall for him once again! He has had a hard childhood, one that made him the guy that he is now. But meeting Cassie made him want to change into someone better. He struggle with trying to be the man that he believes Cassie deserves. But as he tried to redeem himself I fell for him more and more! He is so wonderful!!

"But here's the thing about baseball, Kitten. There's an expiration date for every singe one of us who plays and we all know it. Eventually my baseball career will come to an end, and I can live with that. But I can't live without you."
  8. Drew Callahan- One Week Girlfriend/ Second Chance Boyfriend  by Monica Murphy
Drew, such a troubled soul. Keeps everything inside. I loved meeting him and falling for him. He lives a fake life, doing what everyone expects of him. Not truly happpy, that is until Fable came into her life. I love him and how tough he tries to be.
"But this girl...she doesn't feel pointless. She's real and she's beautiful and she fits perfectly when she's in my arms. She makes me want to feel"
9. Shane McCanton- Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn
Oh Shane! From the first time he meets Tess I loved him. Their back and forth banter is delightful. Then seeing him as an adult, all the pain and hardships he went trying to be with Tess and even when they were together. I loved how much he cares for her. Tess is a strong woman, yet he treats her with so much care. Even when he was trying to get over her, it was almost impossible to do so! He was
" I gave you my heart. It's yours to keep. If you don't want to be mine any longer, I get it; but I ask that you don't shut me out of your life. I want to know what is happening with you"
10. Rush Finlay- Too Far series by Abbi Glines
Rush did not have a great start with Blaire, but once they got past that and Rush showed his kind,caring side you could not help falling for him. He made so many mistakes with Blaire but he regretted them and tried so hard to make up for them. I loved how he stood up for Blaire, even against his family. He did everything to show her that he truly adored her.

"Listen to me Blaire. If you try to go anywhere I will chase you down. I will become your shadow. I won't let you out of my sight because I can't live without you. I made so many damn mistakes with you I don't even want to try and count them but I am going to start making things right from here on out."
11. Alexander Burnham- A Beautiful Mess
Mr. Burnham... oh god this man. He has suffered his whole life, searching for his first love. The one that he could not safe, his "Olibia". Finally he finds her, and falls deeply in love with her before knowing who she truly is. That connection with her is so touching. He is a strong and intimidating, but also so caring. And oh man can he be naughty! Love him and can't wait to get more of him!

"Maybe the reason I never settled down before was because, deep down, I knew you were still out there somewhere and my heart was just waiting until I found you."
12. Chase Grayson- Stealing Harper/ Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
I literally can't think of Chase without getting teary eyed. This man! He ADORED and LOVED Harper with all that he had! He was willing to let her be just to see her happy, even if it wasn't with him. Poor Chase believed he was never going to be good enough to deserve her. My heart broke for him constantly..and that ending in Stealing Harper had me shattered! 

"I didn't know where the protectiveness for her came from, but somehow I knew I'd do anything for this innocent girl, and I'd kill anyone who tried to take that innocence from her."
13. Reggie Evans- Scarred Love (Sulfur Heights series) by M.S. Brannon
Reggie, he is just one of the greatest man I have ever read about. He has given up his youth, his life to care for his brothers and make sure that they are well taken care of. It hurt to see how guilty he felt for falling in love with Darcie. He tried to avoid it as much as possible, to deny it. I hated to see how they used others to hurt one another. But it was always meant to be. Darcie was the perfect girl for him and he was MADE for Darcie. I love him!! 
"I am certain, without any doubt, she was meant to be in my life. We belong to each other. I spent too much time consumed with what everyone else thinks of my feelings for Darcie, but the truth is, it was always supposed to be this way"

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Top 13 Stand Alones of 2013!!!

There are many many books that I have read this year, 95% of them have been books that I have fallen in love with. Below is a list of my top 13 stand alone books that I read throughout this year. If a book has a companion book such as one that tells the same story from alternating POV, I have included it in the same slot. Again, the fact that the book is in this list does not mean the book was released this year, some books are a few years old but I did not discover them until this year! Hope you all enjoy my picks! 

1. Wild Heart by Jennifer Culbreth

Technically this book is part of a series, but only one book is out and I have already fallen in love with it, therefore I decided to include it. Ani has returned home after moving away, trying to find a new life for herself. Now back in her hometown she runs into her first love, Cash, who still has feelings for her. Then there is the new guy in town, part of a Motorcycle Club, Knox is the bad boy type and a risk for Ani. I am so glad I wasn't the one that had to choose between these two wonderful men who adored Ani. Such a great book! Jennifer has done it once again!

2. Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Abby is a good girl, or at least she is trying hard to be one. Running from her past she has moved to a school away from home with her best friend America. Travis Maddox, tattooed, underground fighter, is exactly the type of person Abby is trying to avoid. But slowly she begins to put her walls down. Both are hard headed, stubborn at times. Will they be able to work past all their troubles to be together? Swoon! Travis is just so sweet!! He tries his hardest to be what Abby deserves. He is a tough guy but one that is full of love, love for his 'pigeon'.

 Thought you fell in love with Travis while reading Beautiful Disaster?? Well be ready to fall in love with him EVEN MORE! Just the first chapter had me in tears! The speech his mother gives him about love, oh man! Then we get to see how much he struggled with while he was apart from Abby. It made my heart hurt so much! <3

3. Hopeless and Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless is an intense, emotional story. Not only a love story, because there is so much more involve to the plot than that. Holder and Sky seem to have an instant connection. Soon secrets are uncovered that show just how connected these two are. 
WOW! This book had me on my toes!! The way that Colleen conveyed the emotions was incredible!

In Hopeless we got a small peak into what Holder went through all those years before reuniting with Sky, now in Losing Hope we get the full story. My heart hurt for Holder even more when reading this. Seeing just how much he struggled with losing Hope, then losing his sister. It was heartbreaking.

4. The Fighters Block by Hadley Quinn

 Donovan, or 'Van' as he is known as, is an intense guy. Danielle, 'Dani', is saved by Van one faithful night as she is being hurt by her abusive boyfriend. Soon their relationship develops and they learn to rely on one another. But then Dani's ex begins to cause trouble. Will they be able to work past it together? Or will they be broken apart? 
This is a great, intense book. It kept shocking me as I read it, one of those books you cannot put down!

5. Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely 

This is not your typical rock star novel, and that is what I loved about it. I enjoyed the fact that Jane Black is not your typical rock star. She is a very normal, down to earth artist; going from attending the Grammy's to the volunteering at her son's school the following day. She likes to keep everyone she trusts close to her, and does not let many into her life. Then there is Matthew! Oh man, he is just so hot! LOVED HIM! Another must read from Lauren

6. Skipping Stones by J.B. McGee

J.B. was able to convey so much emotion into this book, I felt Alex's pain as she struggled to just make it day to day.What I loved about this book is how it made me experience falling in love for the first time, the emotions that run through your body when it happens. I felt all of it! And loved it. Alex and Drew's story is not a hot, steamy book but one filled with emotion and passion. 

7. My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

 Taylor and Hunter's relationship was an unusual one. Roommates, even when Taylor 'hated' Hunter. Both have secrets that they keep deep within themselves. But after spending countless time together, both their walls start to fall. They begin to fall for one another. I loved that they didn't have that instant connection, the bickering that went on between them. I loved how Taylor tried to be strong and not give in to Hunter's gorgeous looks, but it was his personality that made her fall.

8. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

 I know this book has been out for quite some time now, but I had not heard of it AT ALL. That is until one week, 4 different friends randomly recommended I read this great book. I finally did! Am I glad I did!! This is such a fun story to read. Remy is strong girl, she does not do the whole relationship thing. Then she meets Dexter. He is so different, funny and carefree! Soon she can't seem to get him off her mind. Their relationship is a fun, carefree one. Loved this story as a whole.

9. Tidal by Emily Snow

 Willow and Cooper's relationship starts off as a working one. Willow is trying to get back into the acting world after yet another stint in rehab. Cooper is in charge of making sure she appears to know how to surf. I love how their relationship wasn't one of those instant connection type. It took a while to develop and I enjoyed seeing it develop. A wonderful love story

10. Private Message by Daniella Torella

Again, this one is technically part of a series, but only the first book is out and it does not leave off in a major cliffhanger.
This is such a great love story. Loved how relate able Tess was, she was just your average girl Who would NOT love Ben?? He's British and HOT HOT HOT!! I loved the raw emotions that you felt with both Ben and Tess was amazing. I enjoyed the fact that we got both of their POV, and that we saw into both their heads. I picked this up to read, not expecting it to be so good; I started it and could not put it down, I just needed to see how Ben and Tess would end up.

11. In Dreams by J. Sterling
 I had heard of this book AFTER I read J. Sterling's "The Perfect Game". This was the first book that she released. But I waited a bit to purchase it as I was told she was revising it and re-releasing it. Wow, this book was so different and great! Never had I read a book like this. What do you do when you fall in love with someone in your dreams?? Especially when that someone doesn't really excist?? This is a great story of friendship, and love. 

12. Taking Chances and Chasing Harper by Molly McAdams
 Everyone kept talking about Chase and Brandon, and this amazing emotional story. WOW! This is by far one of the most emotional stories I have ever read! I was in tears while reading it, my heart was beating so fast. Harper is forced between two boys she is in love with, and that love her back. Be ready with the tissues!! You will need them! 

I thought Taking Chances messed with my emotions, I was a blubbering mess when I was finished with it. But boy was I wrong. Stealing Harper tore me apart! Seeing everything we saw in Taking Chances but from Chase's perspective was even more emotional, the ending had me in bawling! 

13. Falling For Nick by Joleen James

Nick has been released from prison after being sent there for a murder that he did not commit. Being sent to prison took him away from his true love Clea. He never thought that he would see her again. But fate has him coming back to his home town for his mothers funeral. Now that he is back and runs into Clea, will his feelings for her return? And will she reciprocate those feelings?
I loved how this was not only a story of second chance romance, it was also a mystery book as secrets from their past are uncovered, secrets that will reveal who some people truly are. 

My Top 13 Series' Of 2013!!!

This is a list of books that I read this year, this does not necessarily mean that they came out this year but more that I was introduced to them throughout the year. It took me so long to come up with this list, there are so many more series' that I would have LOVED to have added to the list. After thinking long and hard I decided the way to narrow down this list was by adding books that though I just read or discovered this year, I have read them more than once and would read them again in a heartbeat!

1. The Home Series by Ann Vaughn

1. Long Way Home- 
This is such a SWEET story, see the turbulent relationship between childhood enemies Tess and Shane. What happens when they realize that their 'hate' for each other is more like love for one another.
Buy Now:
2. Finding Home-
Sarah is used to being alone, having no one to lean on but herself. Then Colt comes into the picture. Read their wonderful story, and fall hard for Colt like I did!
Buy Now:

3. A Home For Christmas-
Jenna's life took a big turn on a fateful Black Friday when she was saved by Riley. Read their holiday book and swoon over their love story. 
Riley is such a lovable guy, who wouldn't want a guy like him. He not only adores Jenna, but also Cam, her son. He treats them like his own family which is exactly what he wants them to be.
Buy Now:

2. The Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens

1. Thoughtless-
Oh man, Kellan Kyle! That should be enough to want you to read this book! This guy is just pure walking sex! I don't know what took me so long to read this book but I'm glad I did!! 

2. Effortless-
After the first one, I did not want to continue reading because Kiera got me so mad, I just wanted to strangle her. But I am glad I did! LOVE their relationship

3. Reckless-
Is Happily Ever After even possible for these two? Just when things seem to be going right, something goes wrong. 
Kellan and Kiera can't seem to catch a break! Their relationship always seems to face an obstacle no matter how hard they try to be happy. Seeing their love fight over everything is so touching.

3. The Perfect Game series by J. Sterling

1. The Perfect Game
Typical cocky jock falls for the nobody girl. But what happens when the girl does not reciprocate those feelings? Or is trying to avoid falling for him? This beautiful story of Jack and Cassie. You will love, then hate then love Jack all in one book!

2. The Game Changer:
After their turbulent relationship, will Jack and Cassie be able to put the past where it belongs and move towards a future together? My favorite part of the book was reading Jack's POV from part of the first book.

3. The Sweetest Game
Life has not been easy for both Jack and Cassie. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, will they ever be able to get their Happily Ever After. And once they get it, will it be what they truly wanted?
I swear this is just the PERFECT way to end this series, after so many bumps in their relationship, Jack and Cassie deserve to be happy with one another!

4. The Moretti Novels by MJ Carnal
1.  Taming the Bachelor
The story focuses on Mark, the player and self proclaimed forever bachelor, and Sophie, a quiet shy girl who has had her heart broken before and has walls up to protect her fragile heart. Will the Bachelor be tamed?
I LOVED MARK!! <3 and I fell in love with this series from the first book

2. Taming The Playboy
Ryan West is known as the playboy, he is set on never changing his playboy ways. Layla, Sophie's sister is the same way. But what happens when their 'hook-up' starts to turn into something more? 
This group of friends have become such a close family, I love how they are there for each other no matter what! 
3. Taming The Boy Next Door
In the first two novels we got to know Caleb a little. I must admit, he seemed like that jerk type, sure he sounded hot and all that but not really that type of guy that girls took seriously. Well, I must say he proved me wrong in this book!! He is handsome and one of the best friends that anyone could ask for. BUY NOW:

5. The Storm Series by Samantha Towle

1. The Mighty Storm
A well written book, full of many STEAMY scenes, but also full of scenes full of raw anger and sadness. Samantha blew me away with how well written this book was. How much she made me fall in love with Jake again and again. Tru and Jake's story is one to fall in love with!

2. Wethering the Storm
The continuation of Tru and Jake's story. Can their love overcome all these obstacles? Will Tru be able to live in the spotlight? 
This book, just like the first one had me on a roller coaster of a ride. Oh man, I was happy, mad, in tears, every emotion you could think of this book had me in. 

6. Sulfur Heights series by M.S. Brannon

1. Scarred Love
A story of strength, survival, and unconditional love. It shows how much our scars, inside and out, influence our choices in life.This is such an emotional read, one of those books that captivates you from the very beginning until the very end.

2. Tragic Love
This book kept me on my toes and surprised me so many times. My heart was broken multiple times while reading it, and I got so mad at Presley countless times, but at the same time my heart hurt for everything that she was going through. I will say that I was left in shock as to the way this ended. 


7. Welcome to Paradise by S.L. Scott

1. Good Vibrations
I seriously wanted to strangle these two, they kept hurting one another, yet avoiding dealing with their issues. Evan tries to use his cocky, arrogant persona to push Mallory away. It takes a while for these two to finally talk things out and somewhat work things out, but it is worth waiting for. I was so glad that they finally worked things out, they are so cute together!!

2. Good Intentions
This is book two of the "Welcome to Paradise" series. We continue with Mallory and Evan's relationship. At the end of "Good Vibrations" they finally decided to give their relationship a serious chance. They both wanted to be together more than anything, but the fact that Mallory will soon have to return to Colorado lingers in the back of both their minds. Can they get past this and move forward in their relationship?
8. Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo

1. Relentless
From the first chapter alone I felt a connection with Claire. The more I read, the more I fell for all of the characters. The struggles that Claire has been through make her more relate able, more real in a sense. I could not put this book down once I picked it up. I just HAD to keep reading to find out what Claire's secret was!!! 

2. Pieces of You
Where to begin with this book?? Wow, Cassia blew me away! My emotions where EVERYWHERE, happy one moment to being in tears in another. Once again I must say, I  am SO glad that I picked this series up!.
3. Bring Me Home
Book Three in this emotional,wonderful series. Claire has not had an easy life, Chris was the only thing that helped her survive. Torn apart they finally have a second chance at love. But will they ever be able to get their Happily Ever After?
Just like the other two books in the series, this book was an emotional roller coaster!! Cassia's way of writing captivates me and pulls me into Claire and Chris' world 

9. Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott

1. Wanted
This book had so many sweet and private moments between Ellie and Gunner, he treated her like a princess and tried his hardest to prove to her that everything she grew up hearing from her mother is not true and she truly is loved for. Kelly is such a wonderful author, being able to portray so many emotions and make me actually feel them with the characters.

2. Saved
While the first book focuses much of its attention on Gunner and Ellie's relationship, in this book we switch focus to the relationship between Jeff and Ari. But we also get insight into the other couples relationship, including more Gunner and Ellie! Yes Jeff and Ari had admitted to one another how much they have loved each other for years, and finally began to give themselves a chance at this relationship, that does not mean that the road they travel was an easy one
3. Faithful
Josh and Heather have not had a smooth relationship up to this point, and just when things seem to be going their way another obstacle comes in their way. It is a very bumpy road for this couple. but throughout it all they remain Faithful to one another. I LOVED their story, and how emotional it was.

4. Believe
We have gotten small peaks into Brad and Amanda's lives. We have seen small snippets of the troubles they have had to overcome. This novella gives us an insight into them trying to put the past where it belongs and move together towards a better future.

10. The Rosemary Beach Series by Abbi Glines
1. Fallen Too Far
Blaire has had to grow up quickly to care for her mother, she has been left alone and has had no one to lean on. She reaches out to her father in a moment in need. This leads her to Rosemary Beach where she meets Rush Finlay. Can these two avoid falling for one another? And what happens when secrets are revealed. Secrets that affect both of them?
This series had me on my toes and swooning over Rush!
2. Never Too Far
After secrets tear Rush and Blaire apart. Blaire loved Rush but could not find it in herself to forgive him and ignore what she had discovered. My heart broke for her, she had already dealt with so much. This story shows us how much Rush fights for what he truly wants, Blaire, even if it means turning on his own family.

3. Twisted Perfection   
In Fallen Too Far we met Woods. He has his life all planned out, then he meets Della and everything he wanted, or thought he wanted, changes. Now all he wants is a future with her. Seeing this other side of Woods was so wonderful. I loved him from the very beginning. Loved how he tried to take care of Blaire so much. But even more when I saw how much he took care of Della. Della has her own demons to deal with, and tries so hard to overcome them to be strong for Woods. But will they be able to overcome the obstacles and be together?

4. Forever Too Far
The wonderful conclusion to Rush and Blaire's relationship. They have had a very turbulant relationship. Rush's family keeps intervening in their happiness. Will they finally be able to live their Happily Ever After? 
I honestly felt as if this was the perfect ending to their story! <3 I fell for Rush even MORE if that is possible
5. Simple Perfection
Della and Woods have so many obstacles to overcome. Personal demons as well as people trying to tear them apart. I love how much Woods cared for Della. He literally needed her in his life to feel complete. He did not care about her demons, he wanted to HELP her overcome them and show her how strong she could be. Love these two!
11. The Moreno Brothers series by Elizabeth Reyes

1. Forever Mine
This book focuses on Angel Moreno and Sarah's relationship. Angel is known as the playboy/badboy in school. Sarah is the new girl, she's been warned by her cousin to stay away from him to avoid trouble. But sometimes there is no way to avoid falling for someone.
This book is so cute! The way Angel tries to show Sarah that he is not the guy everyone believes him to be. They have small bumps in their relationship but it is wonderful to see how they overcome them.

2. Always Been Mine
This book follows Valerie, Sarah's cousin, and Angel's brother, Alex Moreno's turbulent relationship. They have a history with one another and Valerie is determined to not let Alex get under her skin. But how long can they BOTH deny what they feel for one another. 
Damn these two are stubborn! haha they won't admit how they feel for one another. I got mad at them sometimes, they hurt each other so much, but finally after many ups and downs get their Happily Ever After

3. Sweet Sofie
Sofia has grown up surrounded by all these over protective brothers. She is not free to date or do as she wishes because one of them is always there to look after her. Eric has grown up around the Moreno brothers, being best friends with them, he has seen Sofia grow up. Trying to keep what they feel for one another is hard, but can they convince everyone that what they feel for one another is real? Will Sofia's brothers give them a chance to live out this relationship?
I love seeing Sofia's story, her standing up to her brothers and demanding that she was not a little girl anymore! 

4. Romero
Technically Romero is not a Moreno, but he has grown up with them and has been welcomed into the family with open arms. He is Angel's other best friend aside from Eric and known as the wild one of the bunch. He is hot tempered and crazy at times. But when he meets Isabella, we see the softer,caring side of him.
I loved seeing this side of Romero, and seeing him mature. Being that him and Isabella are from different types of families was interesting to see. It was a great book and glad it was part of the series, he IS an honorary Moreno Brother!

5. Making You Mine
Sal Moreno, the oldest Moreno brother. He is known as being the most in control, serious of the brothers. But that all seems to change when he meets the newly hired bartender Grace. Something about her throws him off. It was funny to see Sal out of his element a little and unsure of how to pursue Grace. I loved how different they were yet how perfect they were for one another.

12. The Beaumont Series by Heidi McLaughlin 

1. Forever My Girl
Liam and Josie were High School sweethearts, but when Liam leaves to pursue his musical career their relationship is torn apart. Now Liam is back and discovers a child he never knew he had, and that his feelings for Josie have never left. Will these two be able to rekindle their romance?
I loved this story of second chance romance. Heidi's way of writing captivated me and pulled me in.

2. My Everything
This novella follows Nick after he leaves for Africa. Heartbroken after realizing that Josie is still in love with Liam, Nick is trying to move on in his life. Will he be able to do so without putting his heart out there once again?

3. My Unexpected Forever
Harrison moved to Beaumont to continue his music with Liam, but also seeking out a normal type of living for his son. Beaumont provided both things. It also had Katelyn, Liam and Josie's friend. 
I loved how much Harrison cared not only about Katelyn but also for her daughters, and how he understood that she needed time to heal after losing her husband. He tried so hard to be there for her, and be whatever she wanted him to be. Katelyn loved him, and loved his son but couldn't fully admit it to herself. Such a wonderful love story.

4. Finding My Forever
This book is about Jimmy and Jenna, we also continue to get insights into the other characters stories and how they are doing 
(This book is released today, therefore I have not personally read it yet)

13. Protected Love series by Jennifer Culbreth  

 1. Protect Me
Hot, strong security men?? Count me in!! This book focuses on Ryan and Abbi's story. Abbi is new to town and seems to be running into Ryan everywhere. Finally she gives in to her attraction to him. This was Jennifer's debut novel and WOW! It was captivating, so many twists and turns as well as hot, steamy scenes!
2. Cherish Me
DAMN I want myself a bodyguard like Jace or Ryan. The first book Protect Me seemed to focus on the love story between Ryan and Abbi, this one on the other hand gives us an insight into the relationship between Jace and Judy. This book leaves off right where the first one ended. I loved how much Jace adored Judy. These men are VERY protective of their girls and you can tell! But I LOVED IT!!