Friday, December 13, 2013

Mending (This) by J.B. McGee

 "There is no one else for me. If I can't be with you for the rest of my life, I will be alone. I'll be miserable."

I highly enjoyed J.B. McGee's first book Broken (This) and when I saw that there was a next book I instantly went on Amazon and one-clicked that sucker! Wow, oh wow!! I am so glad I purchased this book. It was a lot better written than the first one. Th transitions between POV's and past/present flashbacks where so much smoother. I love the dual POV's, getting to see what Bradley and Gabby where both going through.

Mending starts off with drama right off the bat. Just when they are starting to let their guards down and really grow to care for one another, a visitor from their past shows up unexpectedly. This visitor makes Gabby resort to her old ways and she runs away. This visitor also causes Bradley's life to start spinning out of control, as he comes to terms that he may have lost his Gabby for good. While Gabby feels crushed and broken, another unexpected person appears, Ian, the infamous ex comes back wanting forgiveness. 

This is one of those books that I could NOT put down, one of those books that I stayed up all night reading. I loved getting those alternating POV's and also those flashbacks. It gave us an insight as to why Gabby was so closed up and had trouble letting Bradley in, and also why Bradley was the way he was. I loved seeing how Gabby was so much happier and stronger in this book. She was slowly starting to be stronger, even when everything seemed to be going wrong she did not break down. This book made me love Sam even more. She is such an amazing big sister, always there or her sis and isn't afraid to say things like they are. I loved this book and how the story is going. I honestly believe this book was a big improvement from the first book, but I recommend you start it from the beginning or else you will be totally lost in this book. One amazing series! J.B. amazes me once again!

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