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BLOG TOUR: A Home For Christmas by Ann Vaughn

    A Home for Christmas

    Ann Vaughn

Publication: November 28, 2013


Single mom, Jenna Blackwell wasn’t having a very good start to the Christmas season; her purse got stolen on Black Friday. She’s cursing her luck and herself for even being out in the Black Friday madness when the store manager brings in Riley Stanton, a former Navy SEAL who chased down the thieves and recovered her purse. Jenna is blown away by Riley: his looks, his smile, the fact that he ran down the purse snatchers, everything.

Riley Stanton had no idea when he chased down the kids who stole a few purses that he would walk into a room and have his life changed forever. He looked into the eyes of Jenna and saw a strength in her that he found intriguing.

Riley soon learns that Jenna is everything he ever wanted in a woman. He falls for her and for her son harder than he expected to. Jenna is cautious but welcoming and hopes that she and her son can give Riley the one thing he hasn’t had in years, A Home for Christmas.


Riley came over every evening after work. He helped Cam with his homework. he got there before she did on Wednesday and he and Cam had dinner ready by the time she got home. Jenna had to fight tears as she sat at the table. It had been so long since someone had cooked for her. To be honest, other than her mother, she didn't think anyone ever had. Wade, her ex, certainly never did. Watching Cam work so closely with Riley, having Riley there filling the role that Wade had abandoned, even sitting at a table with candlelight and roses and food she hadn't had to was a lot for her to handle. She was barely hanging on by a thread and when Riley had initiated the blessing, she lost it. "Mom?" Cam asked, uncertain of what was happening. Jenna covered her face with her hands, silently crying. She heard the scrape of a chair and then suddenly Riley was there, his arms around her, lifting her from the chair. She heard him say something to Cam and then he carried her from the room.

He sat on the sofa and cradled her in his lap and just held her while she cried. After several minutes, when her tears had subsided somewhat, Riley reached down to cup her chin in his hand and lift her head so he could look into her eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "Nothing to be sorry about," he said, smoothing his hands over her cheeks to wipe her tears away.

"Mom?" Cam asked again, drawing her attention. "You OK?" "I'm good, bud, I'm sorry." Riley looked up at Cam and made eye contact with him. Jenna wasn't sure what passed between them, but Cam got up and left, leaving her there with Riley. "Look at me," he said, softly. When she raised her eyes to meet his gaze, he lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles. "What's going on?" She took a deep breath. "It's one's ever done something like this for me before." "Like what? Take care of you?" She nodded. "Better get used to it, babe. I'm not going anywhere." She squeezed his hand, tears falling down her cheeks again. This time, Riley leaned forward and kissed them away before touching his lips to hers. For the first time, Jenna didn't hold herself back.

Maybe it was because Cam was just down the hall and she knew it couldn't get out-of-control. Whatever the case, she turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. "Thank you, Riley," she whispered when they pulled apart, pressing her forehead to his, and placing her fingertips against his lower lip. He nipped her fingertip lightly, then ran his tongue around her finger. "Anytime," he replied, "and I mean that. You don't have to do it all alone any more." "Riley," she whispered, kissing him, "please don't make promises you can't keep. My heart is fragile enough, but Cam..." He kissed her back. "Quit while you're ahead. Don't piss me off." She smiled and combed her fingers through the hair at his nape. "I'll try." "Good. Let me take care of you, Jenna.

You and Cam." She took a deep breath. "Tell you what. You're still here by Christmas? We'll talk," she said, giving him a final kiss then sliding off his lap. He watched her walk down the hall to Cam's room. Closing his eyes and letting his head fall back on the couch, he reached down to adjust himself in his jeans. For the first time since leaving the Navy, Riley felt like he wasn't just spinning his wheels.

Character Interview:
 I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Jenna, Riley and Cam for a quick little interview. It was so much fun! Enjoy

Jen: Let's start from the beginning Jenna what was your first thought when Riley asked you out to breakfast that morning?  
Jenna: After recovering from, OMG this gorgeous guy just asked me out...I wondered if I really should take a chance and go out with someone I just met a few minutes ago

Jen: Riley I'm curious, what caused you to run after those guys who stole the bags?
Riley: I spotted the group of teens when I first parked my brother's stupid truck. I had my eye on them and when they swarmed Jenna and the two older ladies, I just took off. Didn't really think about it; just did it

Jen: Cam let me ask you, so what do you love most about Riley?  
Riley: That he treats me like a person and not just a pest. And he totally kicks butt at Laser Tag and Paint Ball!

Jen: Okay Riley I can't do this interview and not ask, why do you love messing with Colt so much?  
Riley: (laughing) Because it's so easy! And at the risk of sounding juvenile, he started it years ago with all his Blondie and Malibu Ken comments. He acts like I'm the only blonde on the team...Coop has blonde hair, too. I guess also because of all the guys, he most reminds me of my brothers, and they may be jerks, but I miss them.

Jen: So Jenna, now that you have two boys how do you control them?  
Cam: wait, can I answer that? (looks to his mom for her nod). See, she has this know, arms folded, eyes narrowed, kinda like she's giving me now. Anyway, when you get The Look, you back off. Right, Riley? 
Riley: Absolutely. 
Jenna: (shaking her head) Control? What is that? (laughs) they really aren't so bad, unless Colt is around. Or Jack, or Trevor or Aaron.

Jen: Let me ask you guys, how are things with Wade now?  
Cam: (shrugs) OK, I guess. 
Riley: Fine so long as he keeps his nose clean. 
Jenna: things are progressing. Wade is getting the help he needs and that's the most important thing

Jen: On a lighter note, Cam, are you continuing with your racing and competing?  
Cam: Yep! I mean, yes, ma'am. My season is over for now but I'm gonna hit the trails hard in the off-season and come back even better and faster than I was this season

Jen: Riley, are you stepping back from your work now that you know how Jenna feels about it all? Riley: (glancing at Jenna) I'm not going out on SWAT calls anymore. I will continue with my work through Orion, however. Although, right now, my cousin Lainey is having some issues that require all of us to stay close to home

Jen: Jenna, will you be continuing cleaning houses or will you step back and continue just managing your business? 
Jenna: I'm turning over my cleaning duties to my staff and will be working only on the management side from now on. I just want to have more time with my guys

Jen: Cam, are you happy to have not only Riley in your life, but his crazy brothers as well? 
Cam: Heck, yeah!! 
Jenna: Cameron.
Cam: I mean, yes, ma'am. They are totally cool. Jack took me up in a helicopter the other day and when we go visit him this summer he said he'd let me sit in the cockpit of his jet. Trev and Aaron went riding with me the other day. Trev is crazy! He went over the biggest hill on the track doing a wheelie. Dad does that, but he's a pro.

Jen: Speaking of your brothers, Riley how are you dealing with knowing that Trev had a thing for Jenna?  
Riley: Doesn't bother me. It was a high school crush, nothing more. I think he had a hard time with it right at first, but he's gotten over it.

Jen: I am really curious, so will we be seeing more of you three in Finally Home? 
Riley: absolutely. My cousin Lainey is like my baby sister. She's landed in some hot water and the whole team is working to resolve the matter. And, well, you know, things started happening between her and Mike, who is closer to me than my brothers. We're all in for a bumpy road ahead but I'm hoping everything turns out OK. 
Cam: we gotta keep Lainey safe. She's the best counselor ever. 
Jenna: Sarah and I will be together for part of the time the guys are away, and I think Mike called Tessa in to help as well.

Jen: Thank you for your time, I seriously love the little family you have created together 
Jenna: Thank you! 
Cam: this has been fun.
Riley: Merry Christmas, everyone!

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About  the Author

Ann Vaughn is a Native Texan now living in Oklahoma. She's been writing since the seventh grade (many MANY moons ago) when she and her friends were obsessed with the Sweet Valley High series. Back then, access to books wasn't as easy as it is now, so to tide her over between SVH releases, she began writing her own, Texas versions of SVH, full of lots of Texas Friday Night Lights and pitfalls and perils of teenage life in the 80s. Writing has always been a comfort and a release for her, though she never expected to be published. It wasn't until a conversation with her husband about the rise of eBooks that she decided to try her hand at self-publishing. It was scary and exciting and ever since the release of her first book, Long Way Home on August 7, 2013 she has been on a wild roller coaster ride that she wouldn't trade for the world.

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