Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Night Owl by M. Pierce

A few weeks ago all I could hear about or read about was Night Owl and everyone raving about what a great hot steamy read this book was. I was curious what the craziness was about, then one day I luckily won a copy of it during a giveaway on another blog. I instantly opened it on my kindle and cuddled up to read this book. WOW! This is such an original and creative plot. From the first chapter or so I was already hooked and could not put it down. It is full of hot, steamy sex and sexual scenes.

This story centers around Matt and Hannah, two writers who have never met in person. They only know each other as their screen names "Night Owl" and "Little Bird'. They start off as online writing partners, sharing no personal information other than their writing and screen names. This is all due to Matt's rules to keep people out of his life. That is the way he enjoys things to be, keep people distant and not let anyone see or know the real Matt. But then one day everything changes with a single picture.

Won't really dive into the main plot, because I loved the surprises I found while reading it and the twists that the story took. This is a must read for Fifty Shades fans, yes the plot line is different, but those hot steamy scenes are very similar in nature and that intense feeling was in both books. The plot in this book is very original, its not like the typical romance,steamy billionaire or bad boy books that are so loved. But this one is one of those well loved books!

The main characters in this book are so different than in other romance,erotic books. Matt is such a complex person, he is hot, charming but also reclusive, dominant and antisocial as well. And he is such a NAUGHTY NAUGHTY boy!!! The things that he said. WOW! He has such a hot, kinky side to him. BUT he also has a very sensitive and sweet side. Matt had me all hot and sweaty one minute to sweeping me off my feet the next. Then there is Hannah, I LOVED her! She was fun and sweet but also not afraid to stand up for herself and those she loves. She is one of those girls who has a heart of gold and is a great character.

I think I have found a new author that I have fallen in love with! Cannot wait for the next book in this trilogy. I will say, this book does not end up in a full on cliffhanger UNLESS you read the epilogue. If you end your reading at the end of the last chapter then you will be fine.

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