Friday, December 20, 2013

Wild Heart by Jennifer Culbreth

I loved this book. I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer a little during her writing process, giving small snippets of commentary. I first read this in parts and slowly fell in love with the characters. Then once everything was put together I read my ARC copy of it and once again fell in love with all of the characters and learned why I loved Knox so much! Starting with her first book Protect Me, I have fallen in love with Jennifer Culbreth's way of writing. The way that she can pull you into the book and take you through this journey, falling in love with her characters. I was mad at them sometimes, heartbroken with them and laughing with them as well.

Aiyana or "Ani" grew so much throughout the book. She was very confused and unsure of herself, but she matured into this strong character. Then there is Cash, man who wouldn't want someone like him to care for you like he cares for Ani. He would be the perfect guy, but then there is Knox who is just so...oh PERFECT! Okay not perfect because he has his faults. But I love a badass who loves with all he has. Who doesn't like a guy like that??? And to make him even better he is a biker! Not just A biker, but the leader in a bike gang! Fell in love with him even more!

Won't go into the plot too much because it will give away too much of the story but it involves one of my favorites: a love triangle! Poor Ani has these two men who adore her and care for her. Who does she choose? You just have to read the book to find out!!

The magic that is Jennifer's writing sucked me into their world and had me hooked from start to finish! I was so glad that i wasn't the one having to choose between these two wonderful men, even though at times it felt as if I was! I cannot wait to read more from the wonderful Jennifer Culbreth! <3 Thank you for allowing me to beta read for you!!

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