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Top 13 Book Boyfriends of 2013!!

 There are SO MANY great Book Boyfriends that I have discovered this year. I wanted to add ALL of them to my list. BUT if I did that then what is the point of this list! I think this was the HARDEST of my lists to narrow down as I kept coming up with another book boyfriend to add and unable to choose which one to take off the list. But at last I came up with this list. A list of book boyfriends that have moved me and made me fall in love with them over and over again. I might have hated some of them for a bit but they always found a way to make me fall in love with them all over again! 

1. Gunner Matthews- Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott
 We met Gunner in Kelly Elliott's book Wanted. He is Ellie's brother Jeff's roommate and best friend. A cowboy and football player, but most importantly one of the most romantic guys I have ever read about. The lengths he would go to prove to Ellie that he loved her and cared for her just amazed me. And it didn't just end in Wanted, nope! In the books following Wanted, we continue to see Gunner's romantic side! LOVE HIM!

"Ellie, I would rather die than ever break your heart. I have never in my life felt like this. I would lay down my life for you if I had to. I love you baby."

2. Colt Harris- Finding Home by Ann Vaughn
Colt Harris, a former military man. He is tough but full of love as well! He loves Sarah with everything he has. At times he might overstep his boundaries, but its always because he believes that he is doing what is best for Sarah. It's amazing how their love is somewhat a love at first sight, at least from Colt's side of things. He had an instant attraction to her and pursued her after that first time he saw her.

"More than the promise of white, just a touch of something on its way to red; a whisper, a caress, a blush. I'll see you soon, baby" 

3. Travis Maddox- Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Travis Maddox, where to begin with him. He is such a complex character. He acts so tough and strong when really he is very vulnerable inside. I fell in love with him in Beautiful Disaster, the way he cared for his 'pigeon'. But it was Walking Disaster that made me fall HARD for this bad boy. Seeing things from his perspective just did me in. 
"I know you deserve better than me. You think I don't know that? But if there was any woman made for me... it's you. I'll do whatever I have to do, Pidge. Do you hear me? I'll do anything."
4. Dean Holder- Hopeless/Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
Holder, poor Holder! He has struggled so long with the guilt of Hope's dissapearance, and then once again with the death of his twin sister. When it seems as if he's finally finding some happiness, it seems as if everything comes back to him all at once. I fell for how sweet he was in Hopeless, how much he cared and was there for Sky as she tried to uncover her past. But once again I fell for him hard in Losing Hope. Just seeing things straight from him touched my heart and made me hurt for him.

"I used to think the best part of me died with Les, but the best part of me is standing right here in front of me."
5. Chris Knight- Shattered Hearts Series by Cassia Leo
Chris, he left believing that he was doing what was best for both him and Claire. Once they are reunited the sparks fly once again. The way Chris is relentless when trying to win her over again. He knows how much she has gone through and wants her back no matter what. In the first book I wasn't his #1 fan, but that changed as I continue reading. Then I realized just how perfect they are for one another!!

"Claire, the love of my life and mother of my child. The owner of my heart and soul and the inspiration for every song I write. If you ever doubt how much I love you, I'll always be there to remind you."

6. Kellan Kyle- Thoughtless
Kellan Kyle, known by everyone as a playboy. But that changes somewhat when he meets Kiera. He tried so hard to keep his distance from her, but it was impossible. These two where made for one another! They compliment one another so perfectly. But the struggles these two went through had me in pain for him. Kiera made him suffer so much I just wanted to strangle her sometimes! But Kellan did not give up hope!

"My life was empty before you stepped into it. I thought I had everything I needed, but only because I didn't let myself want anything. And then I saw you, and you burned a hole straight through me. I have never wanted anything more in my life. And I have never been more terrified in all my life. In all my life." 
7. Jack Carter- The Game series
Jack, oh man. Where do I begin with Jack?? He took me on one hell of a ride. I loved him, then I wanted to strangle him and then he made me fall for him once again! He has had a hard childhood, one that made him the guy that he is now. But meeting Cassie made him want to change into someone better. He struggle with trying to be the man that he believes Cassie deserves. But as he tried to redeem himself I fell for him more and more! He is so wonderful!!

"But here's the thing about baseball, Kitten. There's an expiration date for every singe one of us who plays and we all know it. Eventually my baseball career will come to an end, and I can live with that. But I can't live without you."
  8. Drew Callahan- One Week Girlfriend/ Second Chance Boyfriend  by Monica Murphy
Drew, such a troubled soul. Keeps everything inside. I loved meeting him and falling for him. He lives a fake life, doing what everyone expects of him. Not truly happpy, that is until Fable came into her life. I love him and how tough he tries to be.
"But this girl...she doesn't feel pointless. She's real and she's beautiful and she fits perfectly when she's in my arms. She makes me want to feel"
9. Shane McCanton- Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn
Oh Shane! From the first time he meets Tess I loved him. Their back and forth banter is delightful. Then seeing him as an adult, all the pain and hardships he went trying to be with Tess and even when they were together. I loved how much he cares for her. Tess is a strong woman, yet he treats her with so much care. Even when he was trying to get over her, it was almost impossible to do so! He was
" I gave you my heart. It's yours to keep. If you don't want to be mine any longer, I get it; but I ask that you don't shut me out of your life. I want to know what is happening with you"
10. Rush Finlay- Too Far series by Abbi Glines
Rush did not have a great start with Blaire, but once they got past that and Rush showed his kind,caring side you could not help falling for him. He made so many mistakes with Blaire but he regretted them and tried so hard to make up for them. I loved how he stood up for Blaire, even against his family. He did everything to show her that he truly adored her.

"Listen to me Blaire. If you try to go anywhere I will chase you down. I will become your shadow. I won't let you out of my sight because I can't live without you. I made so many damn mistakes with you I don't even want to try and count them but I am going to start making things right from here on out."
11. Alexander Burnham- A Beautiful Mess
Mr. Burnham... oh god this man. He has suffered his whole life, searching for his first love. The one that he could not safe, his "Olibia". Finally he finds her, and falls deeply in love with her before knowing who she truly is. That connection with her is so touching. He is a strong and intimidating, but also so caring. And oh man can he be naughty! Love him and can't wait to get more of him!

"Maybe the reason I never settled down before was because, deep down, I knew you were still out there somewhere and my heart was just waiting until I found you."
12. Chase Grayson- Stealing Harper/ Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
I literally can't think of Chase without getting teary eyed. This man! He ADORED and LOVED Harper with all that he had! He was willing to let her be just to see her happy, even if it wasn't with him. Poor Chase believed he was never going to be good enough to deserve her. My heart broke for him constantly..and that ending in Stealing Harper had me shattered! 

"I didn't know where the protectiveness for her came from, but somehow I knew I'd do anything for this innocent girl, and I'd kill anyone who tried to take that innocence from her."
13. Reggie Evans- Scarred Love (Sulfur Heights series) by M.S. Brannon
Reggie, he is just one of the greatest man I have ever read about. He has given up his youth, his life to care for his brothers and make sure that they are well taken care of. It hurt to see how guilty he felt for falling in love with Darcie. He tried to avoid it as much as possible, to deny it. I hated to see how they used others to hurt one another. But it was always meant to be. Darcie was the perfect girl for him and he was MADE for Darcie. I love him!! 
"I am certain, without any doubt, she was meant to be in my life. We belong to each other. I spent too much time consumed with what everyone else thinks of my feelings for Darcie, but the truth is, it was always supposed to be this way"

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