Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge by Amy Daws

Wow! It's been so long since I got on here... a little over a year to be exact... I'm sorry guys! But I'm back. I've read a COUPLE of books since I stopped posting reviews but none that caught my attention so much that I just HAD to write a review. That is until I read Challenge. Let me back up and say I've had this book in my bookshelf since October. I was lucky enough to meet Amy at the Authors in the OC signing in 2016. She was so sweet! I preordered a signed copy of this book JUST because of the cover! I had NEVER seen a book that had a soccer player as the main guy. Those who know me, know my love of soccer and of soccer players! I finally got into the mood to pick up a book a couple of weeks ago, and this was this first book I picked up. From the first chapter I was hooked. Amy just pulls you into this complex, rollercoaster of a relationship.

Camden Harris, oh god! What can I say about him other than he might be my new favorite soccer player! ;) That guy definitely has a way with words! He knows what to say to Indie (love her name!). The Harris family is so tight and so protective of one another, so different from what Indie is used to. This relationship, or the "not relationship" they had was so tense, they fought their feelings so much i wanted to scream at them. Camden was so used to being his player ways and getting any of the girls he wanted that once he saw Indie, he saw something different in her. Indie isn't in search of a relationship, she doesn't KNOW how any time of real relationship is suppose to work. Her feelings for Camden scare her, which is totally understandable. Add to that the fact that this relationship is basically forbidden given the fact that she's one of his doctors! The rollercoaster of this relationship had me all hot and bothered one second and pissed off at one of them the next! Amy knows how to get you to feel as if have something in this relationship. Like if I had something to gain from them being together.

I flew through this books just due to the fact that I NEEDED to know what would be the outcome of this relationship, would they be able to put their pride and finally admit what they felt for one another? Or was Camden going to go back to his playboy ways while Indie returned to being shy and focused on her residency program. I have to say THANK YOU Amy for FINALLY having a football or "soccer" related novel! The cover alone is worth it, but the story inside is one that you won't want to put down. I am so excited to get to read more about the Harris brothers. And I won't have to wait long!! Endurance is out TOMORROW 3/15/17!!! This is Tanner Harris' book, he's Camden's twin brother's story! I've preordered and this is definitely the next book I read after I finish the one I'm on. One finally thank you to Amy for giving me that love of reading once again! Before Challenge i had read a few books but none that grabbed at me like this one did. I'm back in the reading game and its all thanks to this book!!