Monday, December 9, 2013

Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes

I wrote up a post of this book a few weeks back with a teaser to this latest book from Elizabeth Reyes.  I have read all of the Moreno family books and was so happy when I found out that Brandon was going to get his own book! I was gifted this book by the author for participating in her blog tour.

I will start off by saying, you MIGHT, but don't HAVE to have read the Moreno Brother's books before reading this. The Moreno gang is mentioned and have a connection with both Brandon and Regina are mentioned in their series, but it is not crucial to have read them before. We first met Brandon in Sweet Sofie, where we learn how he is in love with Sofie, the only girl in the Moreno family. Sofie already has her special someone and I am heartbroken when his feelings aren't reciprocated and he is made out to look like the bad guy. I am so glad we got to see more of Brandon and see exactly why he was so quiet, and so cold in a way. We also meet Regina in the fourth book of the Moreno brother's series, briefly but she makes an appearance.

Both Regina and Brandon have had a tough life, they've suffered losses and tried to survive through it. Regina has struggled through the pain by keeping everything bottled up until its all too much for her to handle.  Brandon handles it by staying emotionally and physically unattached with everyone, having no relationships.

The way that they met was so interesting and funny. I must say I hated Brandon for the way that he treated Regina. They did not even know each other but he knew that she triggered feelings that he had supressed for so long. Regina decides that he's just a jerk with everyone and tries to avoid him at all costs. They do not cross passes until one faithful day that she falls down the stairs and who is there to help her, none other than Brandon. We see another side of him, the sweet and caring side that almost no one has seen before. Finally they seem to find happiness. But what happens when the past comes back to haunt you. Past mistakes, or past loves get in the way of pushing forward with what you have now? 

The Moreno family have never been good to Brandon, they never seem to have liked him. What happens when the gang comes back into Brandon's life and 'reveal' his past to Regina. Will they be able to move forward with their relationship?

I loved this book, the way that they came together and how similar their past were, yet how different they had dealt with it. I loved how we got the back story to WHY Brandon was they way that he was in Sofie's book. I loved how even though there was an instant connection with each other it wasn't an instant love, or an instant attraction. It was more as if there was a pull towards one another. The way they were together was so cute and I loved seeing this sweet and caring side of Brandon as oppose to the cold side that we where used to.
I loved the drama and the secrets that came to light throughout the book. The way that things transpired was so captivating. 

Once again Ms. Reyes wrote a beautifully written and captivating book. I was so happy to get to see some more of the Moreno Brothers, but also to meet these somewhat new characters and learn their stories. Make sure you also check out the other Moreno Brothers books because those are just wonderful as well!!

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