Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Sweetest Game by J. Sterling

"I'm not ready. I'm not ready to lose baseball. But I'll never be ready to lose you."

*Swoon* When I first heard that there was going to be a THIRD Jack F'n Carter book I literally squealed. I fell in love with him, I hated him and then I fell for him once again in The Perfect Game and The Game Changer. To be quite honest I was excited to be getting more of Cassie and Jack's story as I will always want more of them, BUT I was a little scared as to WHAT this third book would deal with, or that it would have some unnecessary drama added to it to make it 'interesting'. I am quite happy to say that it is not the case! This is the perfect ending to this series, I finally felt a sense of closure when finishing the book. I felt as if it was the right time to say goodbye to them. 
When I first read The Perfect Game I was taken through an emotional roller coaster of emotions, you can read all about that in my review for that book. I wanted to strangle him for all the pain he put Cassie and himself through, but I will say he won me over once again and even redeemed himself in The Game Changer

The Sweetest Game was THE PERFECT Christmas present! I was so excited to find it on my kindle when I awoke on Christmas day, and dove straight into it. From the start I was hooked and immersed into Cassie and Jack's world, I felt as if I was reunited with long lost friends. We got to a part of their wedding, finally making their love official. We also got to witness what life as a 'baseball wife' is like and the struggles that come with the territory. And what story would be complete without some drama! We get a small scare and drama. This part of the book made me want to choke Jack for the way he was acting. Total jerk mode!! But then again I understood a bit where he was coming from. Never the less we see the transition of their life from dating to marriage and everything that comes afterwards.

One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing Dean and Melissa's relationship unfold. I can understand now why J. Sterling said she was having trouble writing a whole book just about these two. But the amount of information she gave us into their relationship seemed like just enough for us to. I felt so bad for Dean, he is so sweet and loving but also somewhat innocent in the way he pursued Melissa. I also understood the anxiety/reluctance coming from Melissa, especially after that deep conversation with Gran and Gramps. Gran and Gramps always seem to know the perfect thing to say to make these guys fall into place and realize what is right in front of them!

Overall this book was AMAZING, I might even say is the best out of all three.  I think the reason being that we got such a wonderful and perfect ending to their stories. I am beyond thrilled that J. Sterling gave us this book!! If you have NOT read this series I highly recommend it!! Go fall in love with Jack F'n Carter today!

"This girl was my life. I was holding my life in my arms and as long as I had her, I knew I'd be okay without baseball."

P.S. I was so happy that Jack returned to SoCal, but bummed that he did not become a Dodger! hehehe

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