Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pieces of You by Cassia Leo

 ‘Most people think that they want spacious homes, but they don’t realize how the emptiness of a large room just amplifies the emptiness in a broken heart. And we’re all broken, in one way or another.’

This is the second book in the Shattered Hearts series, the first book being Relentless. I suggest you start off with that one first! Where to begin with this book?? Wow, Cassia blew me away! My emotions where EVERYWHERE, happy one moment to being in tears in another. Once again I must say, I  am SO glad that I picked this series up!.
This book begins right where the first one leaves off. One main difference in this book is that we get the alternating POV's, now we get to see not only what Claire is thinking but also Adam and Chris. Even though there are three different POV's, they were very well written and I was never confused as to whose POV I was reading from. I loved this change in the book.
Let's begin with the main characters. Adam, man oh man, this man is just PERFECT! I seriously believed that he was made for Claire, he seemed to know just what to say to her and was always there when she needed him. I believe that they compliment one another. My heart hurt for him in parts of the book. Claire, poor girl. She has had such a tough life that has caused her to be so hard on herself, to feel that she is unworthy of being loved. She is faced with such a tough decision, two guys that adore her and love her, but who does she choose? Then there is Chris. I will admit, in the first book I did not like him much, he seemed like that cocky rock god that the media portrays him to be. But I must say, he won me over in this book. He truly does love Claire, and even if it would break his heart he will step away if that is what she wishes. Chris tries to show Claire that the love that they shared as young teens was real, and that the love is still there. This causes major stress on Claire above from all the other stress/drama she has to deal with in her life

What a crazy love triangle, but then again I can't say I didn't love it. Who doesn't love a good love triangle? I kept going back and forth as to who I wanted her to be with. One moment I was team Chris, another I was team Adam. But ultimately I think I became team Chris. 
Cassia's way of writing is just amazing, I love how she is able to touch me emotions so deeply and make me feel for these characters. I was smiling, crying, laughing all at the same time. Her style of writing and storytelling wraps you up and engulfs you into the story.

If you thought that Relentless took you on an emotional roller coaster well then get ready to go on another one, a much bigger one. There were so many unexpected twists and turns that literally have me gasping when I read it. This book left me in a big cliff hanger, and anxious to read the next book and see if Claire finally got her HEA and who did she ultimately end up with. I was so happy that I had the next book all ready in my kindle because I jumped right into it! This series is amazing! Definitely in my top 3 favorite series!! <3 <3

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