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Top 13 Stand Alones of 2013!!!

There are many many books that I have read this year, 95% of them have been books that I have fallen in love with. Below is a list of my top 13 stand alone books that I read throughout this year. If a book has a companion book such as one that tells the same story from alternating POV, I have included it in the same slot. Again, the fact that the book is in this list does not mean the book was released this year, some books are a few years old but I did not discover them until this year! Hope you all enjoy my picks! 

1. Wild Heart by Jennifer Culbreth

Technically this book is part of a series, but only one book is out and I have already fallen in love with it, therefore I decided to include it. Ani has returned home after moving away, trying to find a new life for herself. Now back in her hometown she runs into her first love, Cash, who still has feelings for her. Then there is the new guy in town, part of a Motorcycle Club, Knox is the bad boy type and a risk for Ani. I am so glad I wasn't the one that had to choose between these two wonderful men who adored Ani. Such a great book! Jennifer has done it once again!

2. Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Abby is a good girl, or at least she is trying hard to be one. Running from her past she has moved to a school away from home with her best friend America. Travis Maddox, tattooed, underground fighter, is exactly the type of person Abby is trying to avoid. But slowly she begins to put her walls down. Both are hard headed, stubborn at times. Will they be able to work past all their troubles to be together? Swoon! Travis is just so sweet!! He tries his hardest to be what Abby deserves. He is a tough guy but one that is full of love, love for his 'pigeon'.

 Thought you fell in love with Travis while reading Beautiful Disaster?? Well be ready to fall in love with him EVEN MORE! Just the first chapter had me in tears! The speech his mother gives him about love, oh man! Then we get to see how much he struggled with while he was apart from Abby. It made my heart hurt so much! <3

3. Hopeless and Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless is an intense, emotional story. Not only a love story, because there is so much more involve to the plot than that. Holder and Sky seem to have an instant connection. Soon secrets are uncovered that show just how connected these two are. 
WOW! This book had me on my toes!! The way that Colleen conveyed the emotions was incredible!

In Hopeless we got a small peak into what Holder went through all those years before reuniting with Sky, now in Losing Hope we get the full story. My heart hurt for Holder even more when reading this. Seeing just how much he struggled with losing Hope, then losing his sister. It was heartbreaking.

4. The Fighters Block by Hadley Quinn

 Donovan, or 'Van' as he is known as, is an intense guy. Danielle, 'Dani', is saved by Van one faithful night as she is being hurt by her abusive boyfriend. Soon their relationship develops and they learn to rely on one another. But then Dani's ex begins to cause trouble. Will they be able to work past it together? Or will they be broken apart? 
This is a great, intense book. It kept shocking me as I read it, one of those books you cannot put down!

5. Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely 

This is not your typical rock star novel, and that is what I loved about it. I enjoyed the fact that Jane Black is not your typical rock star. She is a very normal, down to earth artist; going from attending the Grammy's to the volunteering at her son's school the following day. She likes to keep everyone she trusts close to her, and does not let many into her life. Then there is Matthew! Oh man, he is just so hot! LOVED HIM! Another must read from Lauren

6. Skipping Stones by J.B. McGee

J.B. was able to convey so much emotion into this book, I felt Alex's pain as she struggled to just make it day to day.What I loved about this book is how it made me experience falling in love for the first time, the emotions that run through your body when it happens. I felt all of it! And loved it. Alex and Drew's story is not a hot, steamy book but one filled with emotion and passion. 

7. My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

 Taylor and Hunter's relationship was an unusual one. Roommates, even when Taylor 'hated' Hunter. Both have secrets that they keep deep within themselves. But after spending countless time together, both their walls start to fall. They begin to fall for one another. I loved that they didn't have that instant connection, the bickering that went on between them. I loved how Taylor tried to be strong and not give in to Hunter's gorgeous looks, but it was his personality that made her fall.

8. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

 I know this book has been out for quite some time now, but I had not heard of it AT ALL. That is until one week, 4 different friends randomly recommended I read this great book. I finally did! Am I glad I did!! This is such a fun story to read. Remy is strong girl, she does not do the whole relationship thing. Then she meets Dexter. He is so different, funny and carefree! Soon she can't seem to get him off her mind. Their relationship is a fun, carefree one. Loved this story as a whole.

9. Tidal by Emily Snow

 Willow and Cooper's relationship starts off as a working one. Willow is trying to get back into the acting world after yet another stint in rehab. Cooper is in charge of making sure she appears to know how to surf. I love how their relationship wasn't one of those instant connection type. It took a while to develop and I enjoyed seeing it develop. A wonderful love story

10. Private Message by Daniella Torella

Again, this one is technically part of a series, but only the first book is out and it does not leave off in a major cliffhanger.
This is such a great love story. Loved how relate able Tess was, she was just your average girl Who would NOT love Ben?? He's British and HOT HOT HOT!! I loved the raw emotions that you felt with both Ben and Tess was amazing. I enjoyed the fact that we got both of their POV, and that we saw into both their heads. I picked this up to read, not expecting it to be so good; I started it and could not put it down, I just needed to see how Ben and Tess would end up.

11. In Dreams by J. Sterling
 I had heard of this book AFTER I read J. Sterling's "The Perfect Game". This was the first book that she released. But I waited a bit to purchase it as I was told she was revising it and re-releasing it. Wow, this book was so different and great! Never had I read a book like this. What do you do when you fall in love with someone in your dreams?? Especially when that someone doesn't really excist?? This is a great story of friendship, and love. 

12. Taking Chances and Chasing Harper by Molly McAdams
 Everyone kept talking about Chase and Brandon, and this amazing emotional story. WOW! This is by far one of the most emotional stories I have ever read! I was in tears while reading it, my heart was beating so fast. Harper is forced between two boys she is in love with, and that love her back. Be ready with the tissues!! You will need them! 

I thought Taking Chances messed with my emotions, I was a blubbering mess when I was finished with it. But boy was I wrong. Stealing Harper tore me apart! Seeing everything we saw in Taking Chances but from Chase's perspective was even more emotional, the ending had me in bawling! 

13. Falling For Nick by Joleen James

Nick has been released from prison after being sent there for a murder that he did not commit. Being sent to prison took him away from his true love Clea. He never thought that he would see her again. But fate has him coming back to his home town for his mothers funeral. Now that he is back and runs into Clea, will his feelings for her return? And will she reciprocate those feelings?
I loved how this was not only a story of second chance romance, it was also a mystery book as secrets from their past are uncovered, secrets that will reveal who some people truly are. 

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