Saturday, April 26, 2014

Claimed by SE Reign

Wow! I had never heard of this author before, but reading the synopsis got me hooked and I just HAD to read it. Claimed by SE Reign is a quick and steamy read. This book definitely has some similarities to 50 shades but it also has it's own unique elements that captivate you and make you want to read more. I read this book in one sitting and was so mad to see it end. Will definitely be looking up the next book in this novella series. 

Elijah is a Prince, next in line to take over for his father. But he's also a major playboy. His father issues him an ultimatum: finally settle down or lose his title to his cousin. Elijah is used to getting what he wants and he WANTS that throne. He'll do everything in his power to make sure it isn't taken away from him. 

Natalie is your normal American girl. She is trying to save her family and friends from being evicted from their neighborhood. When she meets Elijah, he realizes that they could work together to get what they want. Natalie, her friends and family's homes and Elijah, his right to the throne. 

This is suppose to be just a partnership, a work relationship but damn do things get HOT and STEAMY!! If you like hot, erotic novels then definitely check out this quick but hot read!

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