Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Faith and Trust by Amanda Kay

I am ADDICTED to Amanda Kay's books and I must say, she has done it yet again with this amazing book. If you are a fan of paranormal books, especially paranormal romance then THIS is the book for you! Amanda has created this amazing group of characters that you will fall in love with. They are all so different and captivating that you can't help BUT grow attached to all of them. Definitely check this book out. It's THREE amazing guys in ONE book, what more can you ask for???

You start off with Colt and Harper. Both has lost someone that they were very close to, Colt having lost his twin sister and Harper having lost her mother. The loss of his sister made Colt start to make some poor decisions. BUT it's these poor decisions that leads him to Harper. With Harper's mothers words, "faith and trust", these two will navigate through life and try to deal with what is thrown at them. Won't say exactly that that is, just that it will make them trust one another in order to get through the worst of it.
The second couple we meet is Ozzie and Rebecca. We meet Rebecca in part one of the book as she is Harper's roommate and knows Colt from when they were younger. I will say, I did not like her much in part one, just due to the way that she treated Colt. But slowly she wins me over and I come to love her as well. Ozzie, poor guy, he has it worst off as his father is in a relationship with the evil voodoo queen, the one in charge of all three of this couple's struggles and obstacles. They two have to put the phrase 'faith and trust' into good use if they are able to survive what is thrown at them.
The last couple is Peter and Forest. What I love most about this couple is the fact that they have known each other since they were 14 and although they did not keep in touch, they were both a big part of their lives and the decisions that they made. Seeing these two reconnect was wonderful. But once again the evil voodoo queen has other plans and throws them obstacle after obstacle.

The Faith and Trust crew is a group of couples that will make you believe that love CAN overcome ANY obstacle that is thrown at them. As long as you have faith and trust then nothing else really matters. I have grown to love them and also grown to HATE the evil voodoo queen who I just wanted to strangle! I have had the pleasure of seeing these characters come to life and seeing their story be created. I highly recommend this story even if you aren't a big fan of paranormal romance stories. This book might just make you rethink that!

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