Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Game Changer by J Sterling

"This book is dedicated to everyone who fell for a loveable screwup named Jack and refused to let him go. Thank you for wanting more."

And want more indeed!! This book is the sequel to "The Perfect Game", in which we meet Jack and Cassie and get to know how their story begins. After reading that, I honestly was not sure where the story would go as it seemed to have ended pretty good. But after hearing that we were going to get MORE of Jack, I wasn't one to complain!! haha.. I read this book the DAY (well I guess technically the night) that it loaded onto my kindle. Man oh man, am I glad we got this story. I think Jack F'n Carter fans like myself will NEVER get enough of him!
The Perfect Game messed with my emotions so much I was a little scared to read this one. Jack just loves to break my heart and then put it back together countless times. But you CAN'T help BUT love him!! For those of you who read The Perfect Game and didn't understand how we could love him after all he did.. READ THIS BOOK!! He will make you fall for him, or in my case make you fall for him even more!!

"Jack Carter does not exist as a full person without Cassie Andrews....Without you, I'd be a shell of a man. A hollowed-out, empty, lifeless carcass. And I know that because I've been there. I lived through it."

This book starts off basically where The Perfect Game left off, right after Jack reappeared into Cassie's life and begged her to take him back. Cassie is trying to forget about what he made her go through and continue with their relationship. The beginning of this book is sort of a recap of the Perfect Game but from Jack's perspective. We hear Jack's side of the story and his explanation for what he did and why he had stayed away for so long. This part of the book broke my heart. I knew that Jack must have been suffering for staying away from his "Kitten" but now I truly understood just HOW MUCH he was heartbroken. I felt so bad for him

He then promises to "Prove it", to prove how much he loves her and how much he needs her in his life. The fact that Jack is a big time player in the big leagues means Cassie needs to adjust to living her life in the spotlight. She needs to deal with the media, the crazy fans as well as all the mean wives. Sometimes it seems like too much! She tries to keep this stress to herself, not wanting to be a burden to Jack. When she finally admits it, it seems as everything and everyone is conspiring to break them apart. Will their love be able to overcome yet another tough obstacle or will this be the last straw?

This story was full of forgiveness, love and working together to overcome your inner struggles and let those who love you into your life. I fell for Jack even more while reading this book. Yes there was drama involved in this book, but what good book DOESN'T have a little drama in it. I will tell you this, it was NOT as crazy drama as the first one. I don't think my heart could have handle another round of that!! I love the ending, the epilogue was just PERFECT! <3 <3

I CANNOT WAIT to see what else Sterling presents us with, especially with all her teasing she has been doing lately..maybe MORE JACK?? (won't complain about that!) or maybe some Dean this time?? hmmm..whatever it is you can be SURE that I will be reading it!

"You told me once that I was your game changer, but the thing is, you're mine too. It took me a while to realize that, but I finally did. You're my game changer. Because nothing else matters if you're not with me."

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