Friday, October 11, 2013

Private Show by Danielle Torella

Got to start off this review by saying: CONGRATS DANIELLE!! Your debut novel "Private Message" was incredible, and so well written. But you can see just how much you have grown as a writer in this book. Such an amazingly written book, even more amazing than Private Message!! Being able to have beta read for you was truly a blessing. I was so lucky to have been able to do so. And on release day you can be sure I hurried over to Amazon and one-clicked my copy of this great book!! 

This book starts off basically where Book 1 leaves off. From the very beginning you are sucked into the book and feel as if these characters are your own friends. I love how strong Tess is, she does not let anyone get in her way, isn't afraid to express herself and be who she is. Tess is unlike the other female leads I have read about. I can tell that Danielle put herself into Tess, and used her own experiences into her characters. Ben, man oh man.. This guy is just the perfect package, and the fact that he's British is just icing on the cake hahaha. Together they make such a cute, funny and adorable couple. But they are also very steamy, the sex scenes are amazing!! Yes there is a little bit of drama, but what good book doesn't have it??!! What I really enjoyed in the book was getting to also know some of the other characters a lot more. James was briefly mentioned in the first book, and only appeared a little. But we got to see what a great big brother he is to Tess. And Caroline is so sweet, I want a friend like her!! You can see how much she loves her big brother Ben. As the book progressed I fell more and more in love with Ben!! The ending was amazing, so great. I was a little mad at the ending as it leaves off in a small cliffhanger.. But omg I can't wait for MORE from Danielle!! I highly recommend this book. But do read her first book "Private Message" first! Go and fall in love with Ben and then continue to fall for him even more in this book!! 

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