Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skipping Stones by J.B. McGee

 Let me start this off by saying I have been a big fan of J.B. McGee ever since I first read "Broken(This)" and the rest of the "This" series. Her books tend to be filled with emotion, and many hot, steamy scenes as well. When I heard of this book, I was told that it wasn't her typical book, this book was more 'vanilla' then all her others. My go to books seem to be those books with a troubled alpha male who saves their love interest, and that are filled with hot steamy sex scenes. But I decided to give this book a try, a little curious as to what this book was all about. I am glad that I gave this book a chance, yes it is VERY 'vanilla' but in a way that is needed for the story to unfold. And this was a story that needed to be written. If you don't usually go for these type of books or stories, don't ignore it.. give it a chance because it will surprise you and will captivate you. A change from time to time is a good thing.

Skipping Stones starts off with meeting Alex Hart. As a teenager, she is hit with the tragedy that rocks her world, needing solace she runs to the creek near her grandparents place that she has always loved. Here she meets a boy, Drew Foster. He becomes her relief from all the pain and from her relality. She goes to him for comfort, and opens up to him allowing him to help her heal a little. Their relationship unravels and see Alex experience all her first with him: her first kiss, her first boyfriend. But then fate steps in and rocks Alex's world and soon Drew becomes another first: her first love lost. Once again her world is rocked and Alex has to decide whether to follow her heart or to try to move on. 

“…God gives us the people we need in our lives for the amount of time he sees fit.”

The story continues with Alex trying to live her life, just go day by day with not many emotions. But once again tragedy unfolds, one that brings her back to the town that she left behind. A town that is filled with memories of everything that she has lost. The return to this town also brings back someone from her past, someone who she thought she would never see again. Drew comes back into the picture. Years later and he is back, Alex realizes all the feelings she's had for him are still there. He was her first love, and her only real love. But how do you move past the betrayal, the pain that he put Alex through? Will they be able to repair this relationship. The relationship that helped Alex breathe again, that helped her live.

Let me tell you, this book is a tear jerker. I am one that does cry while reading books. But it takes a lot to actually make me cry. This book had me crying within the first few chapters!! J.B. was able to convey so much emotion into this book, I felt Alex's pain as she struggled to just make it day to day. I imagined myself in her position, and even understood her pain at times. Knowing what it feels like to go through some of the things she went through made me feel for her even more.

What I loved about this book is how it made me experience falling in love for the first time, the emotions that run through your body when it happens. I felt all of it! And loved it. There was no sex or hot and steamy scenes in this book, but there were very intimate, private moments. Moments that only happen with wanting to make someone feel wanted and special, or being the one shown. It was a wonderful book and I am glad that I gave it a chance. I have to say, this made me an even bigger J.B. McGee fan!! Don't stray from this book just because it is not what you typically read, give it a chance and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

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