Monday, October 14, 2013

Chance Encounters by J. Sterling

"Love isn't all rainbows and unicorns all the time. And neither is life. Sometimes life is really freaking hard."

Before reading this I was already a BIG fan of J. Sterling. She had blown me away with The Perfect Game. After some researching I found out that she had written a couple of books prior to that one, and I made it my mission to read them as well. I started off with Chance Encounters.

How romantic is this book??!! The instant connection between these two is just so strong, you can feel it in the way she writes the story. We meet Caroline Weber, a normal girl who works in San Francisco and lives with her boyfriend Clay. She is very happy with him and the life that they have created together. To her things were running smoothly, and the possibility of marrying Clay was in her thoughts and future plans. Then a chance encounter with a drop dead gorgeous stranger makes her rethink her entire life in just one plane ride. This stranger, Jackson Parks, makes her doubt if she trully is happy with the life she has with Clay. Even though Caroline tries to pretend that nothing has changed, that encounter with Jackson has changed her and she can no longer go back to her every day life. But can she risk leaving the safe life she has created to chase what seems to be an impossible dream? This is a very emotional love story. We witness Caroline struggle with deciding what is best for her, trying to ignore the feelings that Jackson has woken up inside her. Can you develop such a strong connection/relationship with someone you have never even kissed? Will she be willing to risk her heart, risk everything that she was worked to achieve for this one guy?

"Sometimes When A Heart Is Seperated, It Becomes Stronger"

J. Sterling is an amazing writer, one of my all time favorite one. After reading this book I was even more certain of that. The way that she is able to convey the characters emotions and make YOU the reader feel them as well is just amazing. I am seriously in awe of her writing. Being as this was an earlier book she has written, you can see the difference between the maturity in Chance Encounters and The Perfect Game, but that does not mean this book is not any good. I want to go on a plane ride and see if I can find myself my very own Jackson!!

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