Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

“In the existence of our lives, there is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment, our hearts beat as one.”

Oooh man, where to begin with this book.. just remembering about is bringing tears to my eyes. Jessica Sorensen did a wonderful job in this book. The characters and their emotions were so vivid and I connected with them so much. Seeing how much they struggle to just go day to day made me feel as if I was with them, struggling along with them. This was the first book I read of Jessica, and my oh my, it made me go to Amazon and look up every book that she had written to download onto my kindle. I highly enjoyed the alternating POV's, seeing how much both of them hurt, how much they kept things from others to avoid hurting the other. I will warm you though, it leaves you in a MAJOR cliffhanger, I literally cried out "NOOOO" when I got to the end. You are in luck though, as the 2nd book in this series is already out. You won't have to wait months for it to come out.

This story revolves around Callie and Kayden. They've lived in the same town, attended the same school their whole lives, yet never really interacted or gotten to know each other. Kayden is the popular jock, dating all the hottest girls, with a big group of friends. Callie on the other hand is the quiet, reserved girl. She keeps to herself a lot and is known as the 'class weirdo'. Their first interaction occurs at one of Kayden's house parties, in which Callie "saved" Kayden from his own father. This encounter has stayed with them both even after not coming into contact with one another.

Fate seems to intervene and bring these two together once again. They've left their town and ended up at the same college. Trying to forget about what they've left behind and start a new life away from their demons they literally run into each other during the first days at their new school. Both have deep hidden secrets that make trusting people a struggle. Yet their connection with one another blossoms into a friendship, that friendship develops into love. They come to realize that together they can help one another fight their demons, to be strong and no longer afraid.

I fell in LOVE with these characters. I felt Callie's pain, how much she struggled to open up to Kayden. Kayden, wow, this guy is so strong. He's had to fight through so many of his own demons but he's always there for those he cares about, Callie being the number one. I want my own Kayden! haha.

This book WILL leave you wanting more. There is just no way you can get enough of these two!
You will want to dive right into the next one which is "The Redemption of Callie and Kayen", which I HIGHLY recommend as well (More on that one in a later post)

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