Friday, October 18, 2013

Good Intentions by S.L. Scott

This is book two of the "Welcome to Paradise" series. We continue with Mallory and Evan's relationship. At the end of "Good Vibrations" they finally decided to give their relationship a serious chance. They both wanted to be together more than anything, but the fact that Mallory will soon have to return to Colorado lingers in the back of both their minds. They try to avoid the subject and just be together, enjoy themselves in the moment. Mallory and Evan dream of somehow working past this "summer fling" and making it last into a stronger longer relationship. They dream of a future together, but the truth of the matter is their lives are in different parts of the world. This puts a small strain in their relationship and tested their love for one another. They try their hardest to make this whole long distance relationship work, but being apart seems to make them doubt if they truly should be with one another.

Both of them changed over the summer, they faced demons that they had been dealing with for years. They gave each other the strength to do just that. When they where on the Island, it was as if it was their own little bubble, and truly their own little paradise. They were thrown back into reality and had to try to live in their old worlds, without one another there to help them. I wasn't sure how this was going to end, but I am so glad to know  that there will be a third book in this series. The way that SL Scott writes this book is incredible. Her way with details makes me feel as if I was at the island with them, or in the city with Evan and Mallory. I felt as if I was with them and felt their pain. I will definitely be on the lookout for the next book in this series and for more by SL Scott!

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