Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cherish Me by Jennifer Culbreth

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Jennifer's 2nd installment to the Protected Love series, and I have got to say.. DAMN I want myself a bodyguard like Jace or Ryan. The first book Protect Me seemed to focus on the love story between Ryan and Abbi, this one on the other hand gives us an insight into the relationship between Jace and Judy.

This book starts off right where the first one left off. It's the aftermath of the entire shooting and chaos created by Judy and Abbi's boss. We see how Judy fights her inner demons and tries to overcome them to have the happy life that she want with Jace. We realize how this group of friends had turned into something much more then that; they are now a family and stick with one another no matter what. This is something that Judy is not used to and takes her a while to realize. As this group of friends try to go back to their every day schedules, and return to a sense of normalcy after everything that has occurred to them people from Judy's past make their way into her life once again. At this same time, the group begins to receive threats once again. Jace and Ryan use their bodyguard company and their connections to try to capture the one responsible for making their life a living hell. Judy tries her hardest to ignore the coincidence that when a certain person from her past appears, is exactly when the chaos begins once again. Once again we are thrown some really unexpected twists and turns in this book. Like seriously??!! Some of these things I was NOT expecting at ALL! WOW!! I am happy to see Judy and Jace have their HEA and this 'family' grow and get closer together! I cannot wait for the next installment of the Protected Love series.

Jennifer's first novel was "Protect Me", and just like that one, "Cherish Me" did NOT disappoint at ALL!! I lost track of time reading this until I realized it was almost 3am and I had class in just a few hours. Yet did I go back to sleep?? NO not at all!! LOL, instead I kept reading until I finished it. I have to admit I was sad to see it end though, I just kept wanting MORE of this group of friends. For this being Jennifer's 2nd book I am impressed. It was well written and flowed nicely. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for the next book! I need more!! I want me a bodyguard boyfriend like these! haha! Go check out Jennifer's Protected Love series NOW

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