Sunday, October 6, 2013

Broken (This) by J.B. McGee

Gabby has not had an easy life, she has many demons that she is trying to sort through. It seems as if nothing in her life comes easy to her, and that everyone around her has everything that she doesn't: a great family, money and great social life. Gabby goes through the roller coaster life of losing her mother, being heart broken all around the same time. She decides that the safest way to avoid heartache is to commit herself to her studies and to avoid any 'real' emotions. While attending a friends wedding she meets Bradley Banks, a confident architect, who he, himself has a lot of issues to work through. Their relationship slowly blossoms as they slowly help each other open up to one another. But will their love for one another be enough to fight each others demons or will they tear them apart?

While reading this book I felt that it somewhat reminded me of "50 Shades of Grey", but to be honest I think the only reason it did was because of the relationship between a normal young girl and a man of higher society, in this case a well known CEO and architect. At times I got annoyed at the alternating point of views or the flashbacks that we got, but to be honest I think these were necessary to fully understand the characters and their issues. Overall this book was very good,I grew this bond with Gabby and Bradley that had me sad when I got to the ending only to have it change to happiness when I realized this was ONLY book 1 of a series.

I love to recommend books I love to my roommate and great friend, and this book was one I HIGHLY recommended to her. She got around to reading it about a week after me, while reading it I received a text from her late at night that said: "We need to go to a wedding and see if we can find ourself a guy like that!" hahaha.. this is a great series!!

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