Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saved by Kelly Elliott

"Women are...fuck, I don't really know how women are. I just know that at least more than half the time, when they say something, they really mean the opposite. I don't know why. God made 'em that way, and I ain't about to question God on it"

This is book two of the Wanted Series, first book was Wanted. In the first book we meet the gang: Gunner, Ellie, Jeff, Ari, Josh, Heather, Brad and Amanda. While the first book focuses much of its attention on Gunner and Ellie's relationship, in this book we switch focus to the relationship between Jeff and Ari. But we also get insight into the other couples relationship, including more Gunner and Ellie! Yes Jeff and Ari had admitted to one another how much they have loved each other for years, and finally began to give themselves a chance at this relationship, that does not mean that the road they travel was an easy one. Not at all! Once again Kelly Elliott surpasses my expectations and throws twists and turns at me. The way she writes about these characters, I feel as if I'm part of their little group, as if I am one of their friends as well. When they get mad, I get mad. They cry, I cry. Wow, seriously parts of this book had me in tears. But there are also many swoon worthy emotions. Kelly's way of writing pulls me into the book and has me living the moments with these characters.. and I love it!! Kelly Elliott became one of my all time favorite authors with "Wanted", and showed me just why I loved her so much with "Saved".

This book starts off exactly where Wanted left off, on the night of Gunner and Ellie's wedding. If you have not read that one, I suggest you STOP READING this and go read that book first, SERIOUSLY!!
At the end of Wanted Ari is hit with some devastating news, news that breaks her heart and makes her run from Jeff. But Jeff will not let her run, not this time. He chases after her and promises to fight for her, and to not let anything get in the way. He proposes:

"Ari. I was lost before you, and I would forever be completely and utterly lost without you. Your love saved me. I promise you, Arianna, with every ounce of my being, I'll do nothing but love you and cherish you."

The news that Ari finds out has to do with Jeff and someone from his past. This someone becomes a constant obstacle in their relationship. Yes they love each other. But Jeff, having grown up with a troubled childhood is determined to be responsible and do what he believes is the right thing; even if it means hurting himself and the ones he loves. Ari is strong minded and is not afraid to speak her mind. Even through all of the things that Jeff makes her suffer through, she still loves him unconditionally. They struggle through hardships, betrayals, and loss but together and with the help of their friends and family they overcome them. Finally they get that HEA that they deserve.

"For once, I truly feel like Jeff and I are finally on the road we are meant to travel on. I don't think you can get to where you are truly meant to go until you travel that one road. The one that's filled with sharp turns, steep hills, and nothing but pot-holes that you have to try to get around. After you make it off that road, you find one that is straight, smooth, and filled with nothing but happiness."

Even though this book focuses on Jeff and Ari's relationship, we also get small insights into the other couples. We see how Gunner and Ellie are doing after their marriage, transitioning into the married life. We see their struggles with trying to have a baby as well as dealing with Gunner's parents. 

We also get a better look into Heather and Josh's relationship, or in this case non-existent relationship. These two can't seem to agree if they hate each other or what to be all over each other. Heather is a sweet and caring girl who has had to deal with the loss of both her parents, therefore making her scared of being abandoned. This fear has her keeping Josh at arm's length. With Josh's man whore reputation it wasn't a surprise that Heather would be scared to let him into her heart. But you have to give it to Josh, he tried his damn hardest to prove to her that he cared for her. That he wanted an honest relationship:
"I call you princess because you deserve to be treated like one"

Will Heather finally allow Josh into her life, and admit that she has true feelings for him? We will have to find out in the next installment of this series, "Faithful". 

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