Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taming the Playboy by M.J. Carnal

Sometimes I get into those zones, where I just can't stop reading! Yesterday was one of them, the book had me hooked and left me with a huge book hangover that I just HAD to dive into a new book. I decided to just go ahead and dive into "Taming The Playboy" and to my surprise, I did not go to sleep until about 5am reading it from start to end in one sitting. Seems as if each book will be better than the previous one, as I totally fell for Ryan. 

This book continues basically where the last book left off. We continue with the gang and all their craziness. I seriously love this group of people, they are so close and have such strong bonds. They are a family even if they are not blood related.

In the last book we learned about how Ryan West is such a playboy and how he is set on never changing his playboy ways. He decides to pursue a one-night fling with Layla, Sophie's sister. Layla has just moved to LA, and is the rebel in the family, not looking to settle down with anyone anytime soon. Layla and Ryan agree to do the one-night fling thing, but one night turn both their lives upside down. The connection between these two is so obvious, so strong even when both try to deny it.
The growing attraction between these two becomes impossible to deny, and they both admit their feelings. But personal tragedy and many problems arise, adding stress and strain to their rocky relationship. A relationship that they both had vowed never to be involved in.

This story is amazing! Even better than the first one. There is HOT, HOT scenes, as well as a great big emotional roller coaster. Their is so much love, passion as well as angst and tears. Yes this book is focused on Ryan and Layla, but we continue to get glimpses into the rest of the gangs lives, how Mark and Sophie are doing, and see Caleb's story being put into place to continue in "Taming the Boy Next Door". I am SOOO glad that I had the opportunity to join this blog tour and was offered ARC copies of these books. Making me move them up in my never ending TBR list. Go and grab yourself a copy of this book, but make sure to go and grab the first one as well if you have not read them!

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