Friday, November 1, 2013

Scarred Love by M.S. Brannon

"Scarred Love", wow what a perfect title for this story. A story of strength, survival, and unconditional love. It shows how much our scars, inside and out, influence our choices in life.This is such an emotional read, one of those books that captivates you from the very beginning until the very end. I got a major book hangover after finishing this book. 

Darcie was abused by someone that was suppose to be there to protect her. Feeling as if she has lost hope, but in one last cry for help she screams for her life. A scream that truly did save her life. Reggie, nine years older then Darcie, is there to hear her scream and becomes her knight that night. A night that changes their lives forever.

Nine years later and Darcie is incorporated into Reggie's family, growing up with his brothers and him. Darcie is no longer that little girl that Reggie saved that night, she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Reggie can't help but notice just how much she has changed, and the attraction between them grows. But Reggie does everything in his power to protect Darcie from danger, even if that means having to hide his feelings and push her away.

Darcie begins to realize that she has feeling for him, and she knows that he feels the same way. She does not care about the age difference, no matter what Reggie does to push her away. We see their relationship unfold and blossom as the book progresses. But this book is not only a book about their relationship unfolding, but also a story of survival. Both Reggie and Darcie come from troubled past, but have fought their way to become better and stronger. With the help of one another they push past their demons. The family that they have formed becomes their support system.

I seriously LOVED the way that the author made their past such an important part of the story, it made them who they were. The story itself was magnificence, so well written. It dealt with the struggles, each of the characters situation was wrapped in the story and dealt with in such a way that brought light to the situations. I love how strong of a character Darcie is, she is a survivor and even though she struggles with the demons of her past she does not let that stop her from her happiness.

This story is not without its plot twists, and ups and downs. But they were essential to the story, the way that it all comes full circle for Darcie and Reggie is incredible. Yes you will go on a roller coaster ride, deal with deep emotional situations but you will love every moment of it and you will not want this book to end!

The character in this book were so well developed, by the end of this book I  felt as if I was part of this unconventional family. I cannot wait to read more from M.S. Brannon and I suggest you go and get a copy of it ASAP!!

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