Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taming the Boy Next Door by MJ Carnal

I was so excited to get an ARC copy of the next installment of the Moretti Novels. MJ Carnal once again amazed me with her great writing. It seems as if each book get more and more intense and amazing. The way that she w as able to write such steamy scenes, but also such precious and emotional ones. I was happy one time, then in tears another. The Moretti Novels have quickly moved up on my list of favorite series!

In the first two novels we got to know Caleb a little. I must admit, he seemed like that jerk type, sure he sounded hot and all that but not really that type of guy that girls took seriously. Well, I must say he proved me wrong in this book!! He is handsome and one of the best friends that anyone could ask for. He is known as being a lady's man (which almost all of the guys are known to be) but he is also known to be wild and crazy at times. In the previous book he meets Dr. Jena Turner who saves Mark Moretti's life. 

This doctor not only saves Caleb's best friends life, but also catches his attention. He tries to keep his feelings at bay, being known as one who mostly has one night stands. But as time passes he can't seem to get her out of his head

Jena is a young doctor, she's spend much of her time in the hospital focused on work. She has not dated much, but falls for Caleb. She has a dark secret that she has kept hidden for so long, one that haunts her. But Caleb slowly gets her to open up and bring out a side of Jena that no one has ever seen. I loved their relationship, and how different it was from the other ones. Caleb also shows her a side of him that no one has seen. WOW, oh wow the steamy, hot scenes in this book are amazing!!

This book is AMAZING!!! So hot,steamy but so emotional as well! But I do suggest you read the previous two books before starting this one so that you fully understand this book. I cannot wait for the next book. I am sure it will be just as great if not even more!!

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