Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Sensations by S.L. Scott Sneak Peak!

What a great treat we have today!! S.L. Scott was great enough to give us a sneak peak into the next installment of the "Welcome to Paradise" series, The name of the book is "Good Sensations" and is scheduled to be released on January 14th, 2013
I don’t know what I expected. Maybe I thought this would make sense to her as it would to anyone else in the world… anyone with a heart. But I forgot, Evan’s mother doesn’t have a heart.
“Oh,” she says, her tone remains emotionless. “I didn’t know it was your birthday. I would normally send my best wishes, but alas, this is not a social call, so we won’t waste time with petty occurrences in your life.”
I remain silent, forgetting that I have the ability to hang up as she continues her verbal assault.
“I’m going to be frank with you, Mallory. I want my son in New York permanently. He can finish his degree here and continue in the family business. Three generations have worked hard to make Ashford Holdings the success it is, and Evan will one day lead it to greater success.” She sighs as if she’s bored. But her words are stern, and I can tell she means every one of them. “With that success, Evan should marry an equal worthy of the Ashford name. Wray is sweet, but pedestrian. It’s entirely unnecessary for him to attach himself to someone that can’t uphold our family ideals. You live in a different world with different traditions and values. Your Mile High City charms won’t work here. I don’t know what he was thinking back in Hawaii, but he’s back in New York now, a place where Evan Theodore Monroe Ashford is revered and respected. He’s a catch not only amongst the best families in Manhattan, but across Europe as well. If you care for him at all, you will cut ties with him and let him live up to his potential. Don’t ruin his destiny. He can own this city if he chooses. He’s that talented.”
“Mrs. Ashford—”
“This isn’t a discussion or a request, Miss Wray. If you love him, you will put his needs before your own and won’t hold him back any longer. It’s going to be embarrassing and probably painful for you if you procrastinate any longer. Don’t worry though, he’ll most likely reflect fondly on the time you spent together.”
I remember saying something similar to Evan the first time I met him at the airport about his past flings. The words strike my heart, making it hurt, that I’m relegated to a mere ‘fling’ status in her mind.

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