Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Home For Christmas by Ann Vaugh

I have been blessed to have developed such a great relationship with Ann, she is so sweet and wonderful! She is one of those authors that has been there from the start of my blog page and I love her. I think it's a big plus that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her books!! She was gracious enough to send me an advance copy of her book. Just like her previous two books, this one did not disappoint, if anything I think this might be the one I love the most. It is very upbeat, and even though there is some drama, and intense moment they are never too dark and intense.

This story starts off on Black Friday, with Jenna, a divorced single mother, having to deal with having her purse stolen after finding out that the store was out of what she was looking for. While waiting to deal with the police, in comes Riley, a former military man who comes to the rescue and gets her purse back. Instantly there is an attraction, it's been years since Jenna has looked at another man, having been hurt by her ex-husband. But Riley surprises her, slowly breaking down her walls. A simple invite to breakfast turns into a great relationship. Slowly Jenna lets herself fall for Riley, she can't help it especially with the way that he treats her son Cam. Riley treats him more  as a son than even his own father does.

We also see how much Cam begins to trust and become attached to Riley. Riley himself cannot explain the intense feelings he feels towards not only Jenna, but Cam as well. He wants them both in his life forever. But of course there is drama that comes when everything seems to be going right. Wade Blackwell, Cam's father and Jenna's ex-husband, comes into the picture. He is jealous of what Riley has with Cam and Jenna. He believes that Jenna is still his. There are some crazy revelations and intense moments that occur once Wade is involved in the story, moments that I did not see coming. WOW! Loved every page of it. Jenna and Riley love one another, but will they be able to work past Wade coming into their lives and trying to tear them apart?

This might be my favorite Christmas time, holiday story to have read. It's fun and lovely but also intense and emotional. I cannot wait to read Ann's next book. Don't worry Colt and Shane! I still love you both!!

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