Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn

"No one said that life and love has to be perfect. There are going to be hard times and heartache on your road. That's an inevitable part of life. But the good times far outnumber the bad, and if you look back at your history with Shane, the bad times were just bumps in the road. You have to have faith  that the good will cancel the bad. You have to believe that"

I will start of this review by saying, I loved how this story started off with the main characters being little kids. It was so cute and enchanting to see them growing up, and not just be thrown into their story from their teenage years or their adult years. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. I first looked up the synopsis and was very intrigued by this book. There was some very dark, emotional and traumatic parts in this book, but overall it was an amazing read.

This story deals with domestic abuse as well as sexual assault, and while both are very important to the main storylines they are dealt with sensitively and with only the necessary details. These situations were dealt with in a very realistic way. That is one thing that I enjoyed about this book. How realistic these characters were, they were flawed and real.

This book shows us Shane and Tessa's relationship beginning in kindergarten and all up to their early thirties. It shows ups all the ups and downs that this couple has to face.

We begin the story with Tessa and Shane meeting in kindergarten, and Tess telling Shane that they were going to get married one day when they were older. I thought this was one of the cutest things I had ever read. Their relationship begins from there, but its more of a love/hate relationship for most of their school years. Tess makes Shane's life miserable. Up until their senior year in high school they kept clear from one another, but they decide to call a truce and become friends. This relationship quickly turns into a lot more. But life gets in the way, and their future after high school leads them on different paths, paths that makes them change their relationship. Even with the distance though, they kept in touch and communicated as much as possible. I loved seeing their devotion to one another even when not together. You could always feel that connection between the two.

Years past and they continue to keep in contact, but eventually Shane loses contact with Tessa. But a life twists brings them back together once again, and this time working side by side. But their happiness is cut short when their jobs get in the way and intervenes to once again tear them apart. The events that occur are tragic and traumatic, causing Tessa to push Shane away once again. Will life be so cruel that it will find more ways to keep these two apart? Or will Shane be able to prove to Tessa that he will be there for her no matter what?

This book was a definite tear jerker! I wanted to cry for Tessa and everything that she went through, at times I wanted to cry for Shane and his pain. The journey that this couple travels is a long and bumpy road indeed, with giant obstacles in the way of their happiness. The mixture of sadness, love, trauma, survival and happiness is such a rollercoaster ride, once I thought that Shane and Tessa were going to have their happily ever after another obstacle came in their way!
I loved this book, it was so realistic, something that could happen to basically anyone. It's a very deep and emotional book, but one that I would highly recommend people read!

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