Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Broken by Kelly Elliott

My, oh my. I must say, Kelly Elliott has done it once again! She always seems to amaze me at just how amazing her books are. I have been in love with her writing ever since I read "Wanted" and have read every book since! I saw that this book was finally out on amazon and on e I had my copy not even my dead kindle could stop me from reading it! Lol. I got the book onto phone and dived right it. Just like all of her other books this one is full of hot steamy scenes as well as many sweet swoon worthy scenes. Having Gary on the cover was perfect, as things that Layton said made me think of him. Even if Gary is the perfect Gunner, he could be a Layton as well hahaha. Reading this book made me fall in love with Kelly Elliott even more! I am an even bigger fan of hers and cannot wait to read her next books!

This book starts off with us meeting Whitley Reynolds, a sweet loving girl. She comes from a well off family. She moves to New York following her boyfriend after graduating high school. After moving with him she discovers a side of him she's never seem before. And after months of dealing with it, she decides she's had enough and decides to leave him and move away to a small town far away with her best friend. 

Layton Morris has not had an easy life. He's had obstacle after obstacle put in his life. It seems as if every one that he loves and cares for ends up leaving him. His mother died of cancer when he was young. Shortly afterwards his dad abandoned him and his older brother. They struggled to survive with just one another. Now years later Layton has to learn to survive on his own after losing his brother and having his heart broken by the one he loved. 

Layton and Whitney meet. And instantly I loved their back and forth banter that they had going on. You could see how from the beginning they had this easiness around one another. Whitney had just moved to town and Layton became her knight who rescued her when her car broke down. I loved seeing how they both struggled with their feelings. They are both hurt people, who have but up walls to protect themselves from being hurt once again. But they break those down and let each other in. Slowly this relationship blossoms and I love how much Layton wants to protect Whitney and how much he cares for her. And oh my god! The sex scenes!! They are HOT AND STEAMY!! Damn! I loved this couple so much!! How they were broken souls that found one another and helped each other heal! But once things seem to be going great, someone from the past comes to shake it all up. Whitney's ex enters the picture. Will Layton and Whitney be able to get past this or will this damaged their relationship?

Apart from this great love story we also get to see the wonderful relationships these two have with their family and friends. Courtney, Whitney's best friend is truly the best friend anyone could ask for. She is always there for Whitney and even moves across the country to be there for her. Then there is Reed, Layton's best friend, he helps him out at his ranch and is also there for him whenever he needs him. There is also Jen and Kate, Layton's sister in law and niece. The way that Layton cares for them is just so sweet! Throughout the book we see all these other friendships and relationships bloom. The one between Reed and Courtney is a very interesting one, I can't wait to read more about it. 

This book is seriously a MUST READ!! Drop everything you are doing, any other book you are reading and go grab yourself a copy of it NOW!! 

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