Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog Tour: Surviving Love by M.S. Brannon

Ever since I read Scarred Love, M.S. Brannon has had me HOOKED on her writing. I just can't seem to get enough of her books. Each book seems to be even better than the previous one, which seems almost impossible! We first read Drake's story in Tragic Love. After I read that book I was in tears and so heartbroken. I remember messaging M.S. Brannon and asking her WHY she wrote that ending, I was such a mess after that book. When I found out she was writing a second book for Drake I was so ecstatic! Though Reggie is my favorite guy, I thought that we needed more of Drake, to see what he was going through and see if he ever became his happily ever after or at least got through the heartache.

We begin this story through Drake's POV. Knowing how much he's hurting and all he's struggling with broke my heart even more. He is trying to make it day to day and simply LIVE for his daughter. He is a shell of a man and has closed himself off to his family. My heart broke with every chapter I read about him. The only thing I loved is seeing how Mia was the light of his life, how she made him smile and feel happy even for a little bit. Then we meet Zoe. Poor woman, she's had to grow up so fast. She moves from town to town not making any real relationships with people. She decides that the next town that she will be running to will be Sulfur Heights. Her plan is to get a job, make a bit of money and then move on to the next town. While at Reggie's bar she sees this mysterious man, he's alone and seems to be closed off, yet something about him catches her attention. Drake sees this woman and is shocked by the feelings brought on by this mysterious woman. He tries to avoid her and stay away. No other woman but Presley will ever make him happy, or make him feel anymore. Then fate seems to have this cruel plan and brings these two together. They are forced to be around one another. Drake is fighting himself to try and avoid feeling anything for Zoe. She on the other hand wants to know his story and help him fight his demons. Will these two struggling and broken souls be able to help each other be better? Will Drake allow himself to feel something for Zoe?

WOW! M.S. Brannon, you have blown me away once again! My heart hurt for Drake. Then I find out Zoe's story and my heart hurt for her as well. These two young people have suffered so much already. A lot more than many others have had to suffer. They're guarded and closed off to others to keep themselves safe. The emotions that M.S. brings out while reading is incredible. I was in tears, I was laughing, wanting to scream at them sometimes. So many emotions, but I loved every second of it. Her books are those that hook you from the start and just pull you into the characters world. You feel as if you are a part of the gang, every milestone that they go through you celebrate as if they're your. With her way of writing M.S. Brannon has quickly moved her way up my list of favorite authors. The Sulfur Heights series keeps moving its way up my favorite series'. In order to fully understand the details and emotions in this book you NEED to have read the previous Sulfur Heights series: Scarred Love, Tragic Love and Blind Love

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