Friday, March 14, 2014

Infinite Desire by Danielle Jamie

This is the fourth and final book in the Savannah series and I must say, Danielle definitely saved the best for last!! I am IN LOVE with this book!! The emotions this book put me through is insane, I was laughing, in tears, angry and then went through all the emotions again and again. Danielle's way of bringing Savannah and Kayden's story to life amazes me. She is able to show is just how deep the connection between these two is and how much they love each other. Savannah and Kayden is a true love that seems to be unbearable. The romantic sex scenes are also a plus, they are HOT HOT HOT!! 

This book picks up right were book three left off. Infinite desire seriously takes us on an emotional roller coaster. The way that they open themselves up after bein hurt, and learning to trust again is such a beautiful and emotional story. It seems as if just when Savannah and Kayden are getting a second chance at love, life decides to throw them a curveball and have them doubt everything in their relationship. My heart broke for there two, happiness seemed to be impossible for either of them. The strength of their relationship seems to be constantly tested.

I LOVED that we got Kaydens POV in parts of the book. Knowing just how he felt seemed to just add to the wonderfulness of this story. I loved this series and just didn't want it to end, I didn't want to have to say goodbye to Kayden and Savannah. Danielle has exceeded my expectations with this wonderful conclusion to this amazing couples story. This series is one that I will definitely reread over and over again and Kayden has definitely moved up to my top 5 book boyfriends list!! Definitely check out this series!

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