Thursday, March 13, 2014

Indestructible Desire by Danielle Jamie

Indestructible Desire starts off right where Inescapable Desire left off. It had us hanging on the edge of our seats. Savannah has had the worst months. Having been through great heartache to surviving great ordeals, throughout it though, she has had Kayden Knox by her side. He is seriously every women's dream man! Such a sweetheart but can also be very Alpha at just the right moments. This is the third book in the Savannah series and I have no idea what took me so long to pick up these books. Danielle just keeps surprising me with each book as they seem to get better each time! The way which Danielle is able to convey so much emotion into each book is amazing. Whatever emotion Savannah felt, I felt as well. Add onto that a HOT, SEXY, ALPHA male and you have one amazing series!!!

Savannah Livingston has been through hell! And this has caused her to pusha side everyone she loves and who love her back. She keeps her true feelings locked away, thinking it'll help them out. It broke my heart to see her so broken and thinking so little of herself. She doesn't think she deserves Kayden, no matter how much he tells her otherwise. This is the story of trying to piece together a broken Savannah and show her just how much she is loved and how everything will be okay. Kayden fought through every wall Savannah put up and worked his way to prove how much he loved her. I honestly canon wait to see where their story leads them to.

Once again Danielle has made me fall in love with Kayen. His mixture of dominant and sweetheart has moved him up on my list of top book boyfriends. And Savannah is that female main character that you just can't help but love and develop a great connection with. I HIGHLY recommend you give this series a chance and get to know Savannah and Kayden. You will quickly fall in love with their story and their relationship, I know I did! Can't wait for book four!!!

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