Monday, March 3, 2014

Crying Wolf by Amanda Kay

Hunter Jackson, oh man. What to say about this character? I love his so much! I have had the honor and pleasure of seeing this character be created and seeing his story unfold. I received my ARC copy once the story was done and fell in love from the beginning. Amanda Kay has such a great imagination and a way of bringing these paranormal creatures to life and making you fall in love with them, and at times hate them as well. These are truly Fairy Tales with a twist. You will fall for these characters and feel a great connection with them.

Crying Wolf is book one of The Hunter Jackson Tales, in this book we meet Hunter Jackson and Amelia Brecken. Hunter Jackson is a werewolf, more importantly a general in a werewolf army and son of the commanding officer. There has been a long standing feud with the shape shifters. This has never been a big dilemma for Hunter, sure he wants to find peace between these two but that is all. Then he meets Amelia, there is an instant connection. Something about her draws him to her and makes him want to get to know her more. The only problem? She is a shape shifter, more importantly she is a Brecken; daughter of the leaders of the shape shifters. From the very beginning both know that a relationship between them is impossible. But it also seems as if it's impossible to NOT have a relationship.

The struggles and obstacles that these two have to face to be together is wonderful to read about. Together they keep each other up and be stronger. Seeing these two together is amazing. The way the story unfolds and the things that are discovered about people around them is shocking. But in the end it seems to be very beneficial for their goal: for them two be able to be together. I will say, there are some moments when you will want to scream out and kill some of the characters, and there is a tad of a cliffhanger. But it's one book you will thoroughly enjoy.

Hunter Jackson will soon turn into one of your top book boyfriends and you will definitely fall for the tough yet sweet Amelia! I know I did!! I want a strong friend like Amelia. Hunter is a strong headed tough guy, but around Amelia he can't help but have his sweet and caring soft side come out. You will definitely be swooning over this couple. I cannot wait for the next book in the series: Shaping The Wolf. Go grab your copy of Crying Wolf today!

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