Monday, March 3, 2014

Irresistible Desire by Danielle Jamie

Ever since I started off this blog about 5 months ago I had started to hear about this series and all about how great Kayden Knox was. On and on these blogs and readers continued to talk about this series. I decided I just HAD to put them on my reading list. Then one lucky day Danielle was having a giveaway on her page, and I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book. I dove straight into the book and MAN OH MAN!! I have no idea what took me so long to read this great book. It is a great, wonderful, and hot/steamy read. Having Collin Wayne as who to think of when I think of Kayden was a major plus.

The book starts off with getting to know Savannah Livingston. Her life seems to be perfect. She has everything a girl could dream of, even the perfect boyfriend. What else could a girl ask for right? Well all of a sudden everything she thought to be true turns out to be a big lie. She discovers her boyfriend, and at the time fiance in bed with another women. Worst part about it all.. it was on the NIGHT of their engagement!! WTH!! WOW! Instantly throws Logan into jerk status!!He seemed to be the perfect boyfriend. A little boring and prudish at times, then we discover the real Logan. DAMN! That guy has issues!!

Before finding out what a douche bag Logan is, Savannah meets Kayden Knox. He is a woman's dream come true. He has been voted The Most Influential Man for the magazine Envy, which is the same magazine Savannah works for. Instantly we see some kind of connection between these two, but alas Savannah is too faithful to Logan.

Then all of a sudden Savannah's world spirals out of control. She runs to Texas in hopes of clearing her head and deciding what to do next with herself. It is the perfect time as she has work to do for the magazine as well. Here she runs into Kayden once again. Savannah is set on not falling for anyone anymore. Kayden is well known to not be a relationship type of guy. But the feelings between these two is inevitable. I loved seeing their relationship blossom and how both their walls start to come down.

Kayden Knox is wow, beyond perfect. The way he treated Savannah, oh man I want me a guy like Kayden please!! He was such a southern gentlemen, but also knew when to be rough. He knew about Savannah's past, and having a past of his own helped to treat Savannah as a princess. It was just beyond amazing how hot and bothered Kayden got me while reading this book, but also just how many times he made me swoon over the small things he did.

This is an amazing erotic romance novel. WOW! It gets really hot and steamy up in here! Had me fanning myself a few times while reading. But it is also filled with so much emotions. I loved just how different this book is from the other romance books I've read. I totally fell in love with Kayden with every page that I read. You will not be disappointed in picking this book up!!

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