Monday, March 17, 2014

Southern Desire by Danielle Jamie

We have met, and fallen in love with Kayden Knox throughout the Savannah Series. Throughout all of the books we hear Savannah's side of the story and her POV. We got glimpses of his POV in Infinite Desire but now Danielle Jamie brings us bits and pieces of the previous three books from Kayden's POV. If you didn't already love him then I am SURE you will definitely love him once you are done reading this novella.

This novella gives us a better picture as to the whole Kayden and Savannah relationship and how KAYDEN felt when he first met and saw her. Seeing all of these scenes from his POV made me Awww, swoon and fall for Kayden even more than I already had. Seeing how HE felt when he asked her to marry him as well as many other vital scenes in the book. But Danielle not only granted us this insight into the wonders that is Kaydens head, but also into the mind of some other characters. Ever wondered what Brooklyn was thinking or what happened on heat faithul Vegas night? Well now we get to find out!

This book enhances my love for all of these characters. It helps you fall in love with them all even more if that is even possible. Danielle really outdid herself with bringing us this novella. It was not needed but very welcomed to get part of the story from Kayden. You understand the connection and love between Kayden and Savannah even MORE if that is possible! Kayden is one hot, sexy alpha male with a super sweet caring and sensitive side as well. He is every woman's dream man if you ask me. I cannot wait to see what else Danielle comes up with and will definitely be on the lookout for her future books.

(This is a companion novella to the Savannah series, the reading order is: Irresistible Desire, Inescapable Desire, Indestructible Desire, Infinite Desire and Southern Desire)

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