Sunday, March 16, 2014

Black Box by Cassia Leo

Oh man, where do I start with this review? I guess let me start of with saying wow, Cassia you have outdone yourself with this book. It is one of the most emotional and intense books that I have read in a long time. The characters in this book are just so broken and vulnerable. This book is so simple, yet so complex at the same time. It grabs your heart and just makes you feel so much for these two characters and for their struggles. I want to say THANK YOU to Cassia Leo for writing this book,  for all the work she put into creating such an amazing and beautifully written book! A book that left me completely drained emotionally, I definitely shed many tears while reading this book.

The two main characters in this story are Crush and Mikki. Seems as if fate has a way of bringing these two together when they most need it, even when neither of them realizes it. There is so much to this plot and story that I wish I could write about but I feel as if it would give he whole story away, and you really need to discover this story yourself. Mikki, she's a young, broken girl dealing with her bipolar disorder and just trying to survive day to day. Crush himself is trying to find a way to just live day to day and trying to cope with his own demons from his own past. Join these two in discovering just how much they have in common, and how much they have helped each other without realizing it. Their journey and their stories will melt your heart, bring tears to your eyes and also break your heart. It is such an emotional and intense ride these two young people have had to deal with.

Fate has a funny way of bringing people into your life, sometimes you don't even know that they have helped you, or you may not even know that you did something to help someone. A simple action can change a persons life. Cassia Leo shows us just how one simple action can set off a serious of events that mold us into the person that we turn out to be, or help mold another's life. So many emotions ran through my head while reading it. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. It may be a love story, but it is also much more than that. It's a story of fate helping two people out. 

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