Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trust Me? by K.E. Osborn

Trust Me? is K.E. Osborn's debut novel. I was contacted by the authors PA asking if I'd be interested in reviewing and/or publicizing about the author's work, I gladly accepted her offer. Oh man am I glad I did!! I loved this book and found myself finding a lot of similarities between myself and Jenifer.

Jeni is your average type of girl. I loved how down to earth she is. She doesn't not see herself as anything special like a lot of other girls. Poor Jeni has a bad history with men. She has dealt with them all! From the cheating, lying ones to the scum bags.  Thankfully she has the greatest best friend to help her through her life. Sarah is the best friend that everyone wants to have. She tells it like it is, but she will also be there for you when you need her the most and you can trust her with your deepest secrets. I love their friendship, the real ness of it!! It reminded so much of the relationship that I have with one of my best friends, the funny emails up to the nicknames they came up with. It was all so fun and felt so real.

Then there is Aiden, he is such a sweetheart!!  He has worked so hard to make his family proud and succeed in following in the family business. That all seems to change with one car crash. Crashing into Jenifer's car changes both of their worlds. Aiden falls for her HARD and fast just like Jeni does as well.  But it was so cute to see their relationship develop. But what happens when Aiden is suspected of a serious crime? All of Jeni's trust issues come back to light. Will she be able to trust him or will she once again be hurt by yet another guy?

Being that this was the authors debut album I think she did a great job. There is room for improvement. In the way that the story flowed, but nothing that deterred me from reading this wonderful book. I am excited to see what else this great author has in store!!!

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