Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blind Love by M.S. Brannon

Wow! To say that each book gets better is an understatement! I have loved every single one of MS Brannon's books so far, and even when I tell myself there is no way that the next book can be better than the previous I am shocked to contradict myself!

Blind Love is book 3 in the Sulfur Height series, this book follows Delilah and Jake's relationship. But what I enjoy most about this series is that we not only get an insight into this one couple and their relationship, we get to see what is going on with the rest of the group and their troubles and hardships. A big chunk of the book includes scenes or things that we read about in Tragic Love while reading about Drake and Presley's relationship. I enjoyed seeing things from these different point of views. Seeing and understanding things from Jake and Delilah's perspectives.

In Tragic Love we got a little hints as to a connection between Delilah and Jake, but this book gives us the full story of these two. WOW! What a story it was!! I always thought of Jake as being the jerkish one, and not really interested in him, Reggie always seemed to be the most interesting one for me. But BOY OH BOY! Did he have a story to share with us. There are so many more layers to Jake that we did not know of, layers that only Delilah was able to uncover and unfold. She was able to bring his walls down and see the real Jake, a Jake that no one had been able to see before. She was also able to bring him a sense of hope, and make him WANT to be a better person!

There is so much more to Delilah as well. There is a side to her that no one has been able to see as well. A side that Jake brings out in her, but with that new Delilah comes a small sense of helplessness. Delilah loves this new side of her, she finally feels as if she is where she should be. But she also knows that she has a responsibility to her family to do what they believe is the right thing. Coming from a high society family seems to be the biggest obstacle to Delilah's happiness.

Throughout the book we see Delilah and Jake struggle with their happiness. Will life finally give them a break and allow them to be happy? Will the entire Evans household be able to find happiness or are they all destined to a life filled with constant obstacles?

The way that MS Brannon is able to immerse myself into their world is incredible. I feel as if I am part of their little mixed up family. I laugh with them and cry with them, as well as want to strangle them sometimes and make them come to their senses. Every happy moment and every sad/tragic one I felt as if I was going through with them as well. Her way of writing is magical and seems to be getting better and better as each book goes by! I love her style of writing and this wonderful series! Cannot wait to read more from her!!

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