Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finding My Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

 "I know what people think of me. I know you and everyone else thinks I’m a man-whore or I’m too young to be tied down. Maybe this will be temporary or maybe it will be for life, I don’t know, but it feels right. I don’t do commitments, but when I look at you, I see a future. I see my future.”

I was so excited for this book. I really had no clue that there was going to be another Beaumont series book. All of the books in this series are technically stand alones, BUT you will better appreciate, and comprehend the books if you read them in the order they were released starting off with "Forever My Girl". The day that this book was released I rushed to Amazon and one-clicked instantly, I NEEDED to have this book! I am glad that I did! Heidi McLaughlin has quickly moved up on my list of favorite authors. They way that she writes these books makes me feel as if I am a part of this group. I am immersed into Beaumont and all the drama going on.

When i first found out about this book I had no idea who it was going to be about, then finding out it was about Jimmy and Jenna I was excited to get their story! We've gotten small glimpses of these two in the other books. Jimmy is known as that playboy, womanizer while Jenna is more the quiet, trustworthy friend that everyone wants. Then things change with a one-night stand that altered their lives like they had not imagined.

Jimmy, he's had a tough life. We didn't know much of his past beforehand. Then we find out how he has grown around womanizers and therefore sees love and marriage differently than Liam and Harrison do. Jimmy has been part of the band and the group for a while, but once Harrison and Liam move to Beaumont it seems as if he is part of the group, but not completely part of the family. Then there is Jenna, she has seemed very quiet, private but also very supportive and caring for her Beaumont family. Like Jimmy, we did not know much of her past before this book. We find out the brutal relationship that Jenna endured, and how it has scarred her and made her run to Beaumont. She's closed up to love, or the possibility of it due to her past experiences and past marriage. The good part about that relationship was that it led her to Beaumont, where she developed such a great relationship with this group, a group that treats each other like family.

I will say, part of the book, most importantly those parts where Jimmy and Jenna's relationship developed was kind of sped up for my liking. But after I went back and thought about it, that IS how their relationship was developed, in a quick no strings attached type of one-night fling. So it would make sense for them to have this quick type of relationship. I now agree with the way that Heidi wrote these parts. The focus of this book was not HOW their relationship developed or HOW quickly they got together, it was more of how they handled the situations that they were put through together.

Without giving too much of the plot away, and thus giving the story away I will say, they had to overcome a lot of obstacles. They did not have an easy relationship at all. Ex's come back to haunt both of them, and threaten to ruin this great relationship. But I loved the way that they fought to be together. The change in Jimmy was incredible! He tried his damn hardest to prove to Jenna that he was trying to change for HER, to be a better man to deserve her and make her happy all the time. I love all of the ways he tried to do this, and understood why Jenna was hesitant to fully enter this relationship without doubting him every minute.

I LOVE this group, the way that they are so supportive and loving of one another. They may not be blood family, but they truly are their own little family. Always there to keep each other safe. This gang has such a strong relationship and bond that I love reading all the books that have to do with them.

Overall this book was great, very addicting and fascinating. The twists that this story took, Heidi had me literally gasping in certain parts of the book. I will be honest and say, I stayed up ALL NIGHT because I could not get myself to put this book down! I loved the ending and am super excited to see what the next book in this serious will be.

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