Monday, January 27, 2014

Abandon by Cassia Leo

 I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 
Cassia Leo's Shattered Hearts series has to be one of my favorite series' EVER!! There is just so much emotion in these books. We have met Tristan in the previous books, and he seemed like a jerk and major playboy. I wasn't expecting to love him as much as I did by the end of this book. He completely changed my mind on who I thought he was.
We also meet Senia, Claire's best friend, she is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is fun, and outgoing but also very smart and loyal. We see how she falls for Tristan, but denies those feelings, even to herself. She is scared to admit how she feels, she knows of his reputation and believes that he will be unable to change who he is. Even when she gets pregnant, she tries her hardest to hide it from everyone, even from Tristan. It hurt a little to see how Senia felt the need to hide this pregnancy even from her best friend, but was understandable seeing how she was struggling with her open adoption. Throughout the whole book we see Senia struggle with her true feelings and opening up to Tristan. 

Apart from seeing Senia struggle with opening up to Tristan, we also get vice versa. Tristan has had a hard life. Before this book all I thought about Tristan is how he didn't really seem like a great guy, yes he sounded hot and good looking but came off as a jerk. Boy, oh boy did my opinion change while reading this book. His life is his sister and grandmother. Senia is the first girl in a long time that he has had real, hard core feelings for. He is so unsure of how to go about their relationship. Expressing his real feelings is so something he is not used to. But can he truly change his manwhore ways or will he push Senia away, or worse, cause Senia to push him away for good?

This book was one of my favorites of this series. Cassia has once again hit it out of the park! I am a HUGE Tristan lover now, and I can see why people have liked him. I love how Cassia pulls me into the book, making it as if we're the ones living the story, making us feel all these great emotions. Cassia has quickly become one of those authors that I will run to Amazon and one-click on her books once they are out! I suggest you go and grab a copy of this book, go fall for Tristan like I did!

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