Monday, January 27, 2014

A Tragic Wreck by T.K. Leigh

I LOVED LOVED LOVED 'A Beautiful Mess'  and am hooked on T.K. Leigh. After reading her first book I was a fan of her and COULD NOT wait for the next book. T.K. writing is phenomenal and captivating, it always leaves me wanting more, I just can't get enough. I am so happy that I was able to read an ARC copy of this book as I was just anxious for its released. This book surpassed my expectations and left me with one major book hangover! This book is so emotional and captivating that I just had to read it in one sitting.

We begin this book right where the first book left off, with Olivia out in hiding in a small town in Florida. She is trying to push away these intense feelings that she is having for Alex by doing what she does best: running. Alex on the other hand is relentless and will NOT let her simply disappear, hunting her down until finally finding her. He fights with all he has to give trying to get her back and convince her to go back to Boston, to stop running from everything. Their story is one filled with angst, drama, danger, romance as Alex and Olivia continue to fight for their love of one another, against all odds.

I LOVE Alex and Olivia, they have quickly turned into one of my favorite couples. When they are together. But when they are apart, they drive me crazy! They do so many things to try and hurt the other one, dumb, little, unnecessary things that keep them away from one another longer than they really should. Sometimes I want to scream at them, they are perfect for one another but they JUST DON'T REALIZE IT! T.K.'s style of writing pulls you into the story, not knowing what is going to be happening. She takes us on a major roller coaster filled with Love, Angst and so many moments of suspense. The way that T.K. writes makes you feel as if these two characters are real people and not just fictional characters.

After reading this book, I just CANNOT wait for the third book. I think I may go a little crazy while waiting for it! This book is filled with suspense, and that suspense lasts until the very end. There are questions that we have been asking ourselves from the very first book, some that we are answered in the book, others we are still left without answers to and new questions. T.K. is quickly moving up on those best seller/ best author lists and I can see why! This series is a MUST read. One of those that you will stay up late into the night and early morning reading, unable to put down!

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