Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Sensations by S.L. Scott

Good Sensations is the third book in the Welcome to Paradise series by S.L. Scott. In the first two books we saw the struggles and hardships that Evan and Mallory had to endure. They have not had an easy relationship at all. I fell hard for their relationships and for them! In Hawaii, after all the hardships they were finally able to enjoy their paradise and be happy.

But what happens when the summer is over and they are forced to be miles apart? Evan is off in New York working in his family's company, while Mallory is back in Colorado, back in school trying to complete her final year. They are now miles apart from each other, trying their hardest to make this long distance relationship to work. And wow did they find ways to steam things up even when they where apart. But then life begins to get in the way, work, school, and obstacles after obstacles are presented to these two. Yet throughout it all they never once doubt their love and commitment to one another. Then Evans mom comes in to throw yet another obstacle to their relationship, telling Mallory that Evan should be with someone from their social status and that must certainly isn't Mallory. I highly disliked this woman, she made Mallory's life hell whenever possible. I will say she tried to change her ways later on in the book but I never got to truly like her, she just never seemed genuine when being nice to Mallory.

These constant obstacles, and Evan's mom's meddling ways had Mallory doubting herself, doubting whether she was truly good enough for Evan. But even when Mallory was doubting herself, Evan was never doing that. He loved and adored her and KNEW that she was the one for him. He saw no future if it wasn't with her. Evan had no problem telling his mom how he felt for Mallory, even when his mother didn't want to hear the truth. I loved how much he loved her and how much he tried to prove it even when they were so far apart.One particular thing made me love him even more: that ring that he began to wear. Omg I loved it. It was so touching and cute. I also loved seeing him so nervous when meeting her parents. It was wonderful!

Throughout their hardships and obstacles time passes and soon their relationship changes, no longer long distance as Evan makes his choice. To make things more official Evan decides to take the next logical step and proposes. I loved it, it just seemed like the perfect thing for this wonderful couple. And where better to have this wedding then where it all started. In Hawaii. The whole wedding scene was so cute and funny. But I must admit that I was a little annoyed at Mallory for allowing it get to that point. Never the less, the wedding was wonderful, exactly how their wedding should be!

This was the cutest ending to such a wonderful couple. It was just perfect. They could not have their happily ever after without having to endure a little more drama and struggles. S.L. Scott once again blew me away with this book. I loved this whole series and have fallen in love with these characters. She has a way of pulling me into the book. Sometimes I felt as if I was in new York others as if I was with Mallory in Colorado and even in Hawaii. I am so happy I was able to be a part of her blog tour and was grateful to have received an arc copy of the book in exchange for this honest review.

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