Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Forever Yours by Elizabeth Reyes

The Moreno Brothers series is one of those series that you just get addicted to. I started this series off with book 1, Forever Mine which is the first Angel and Sarah book. I continued to read the other books in the series, and will say I loved each and every one of them! But I always felt myself wanting MORE of Angel and Sarah, they were the first couple in the series that I met so there was always that special place in my heart for these two. Then I was browsing through FB, and they love to hide posts from us.. thankfully I stumbled upon this one post from Elizabeth, in which she talked about ANOTHER Angel and Sarah book! I was beyond excited! Release day came and I ran to Amazon and one-clicked it ASAP! I jumped into it excitedly earlier today and I was hooked from the start.

This story continues somewhat where Forever Mine leaves off, this couple is in college balancing their classes, work, and relationship. The connection between these two is as strong as ever! Angel loves Sarah with all he has, and understands how she has always been alone, the only one she's had before moving to California was Sydney. Even though he does not like their relationship, he understands it and deals with it as best as he can. But when Sydney reveals things about his relationship with his gf, Angel can't help but start to doubt if Sydney's feelings are indeed just 'friendly'. Then comes a huge bombshell: Sydney gets news that changes Sarah's life. This news turns her life upside down, and changes Sarah's and Angel's relationship. We witness both of them trying to deal with this news and how to go about it, as well as Angel trying to be as supporting as she can of Sarah's decisions. I loved how even when Angel didn't agree with what Sarah thought was right, he didn't scold her or put her down, he tried to support her and advise her without making it seem as if he was putting her down.

We continue to see their story while this change in Sarah's life is occurring. We also see the strain that is put in their relationship when Angel must go to Hawaii for a football game. What I love about Angel is how much he things about Sarah, and never wants to put himself in a situation in which she might thing he was doing something wrong. Angel has turned into Sarah's rock, always there for her when she needs him. This is especially true when another bombshell is thrown at her and once again her life is turned upside down. New revelations are revealed, revelations that make Sarah rethink the way she sees people and trusts them.

My all time favorite part in this story was the way in which Angel proposed to her, it was just so original and romantic. I had tears in my eyes as I realized what was happening. It was just so perfect and well written.

Once again Elizabeth has presented us with a magnificently written book. One that captivates you from start to finish. The way that Elizabeth pulls you into the book, its as if you are part of the Moreno group, and just living this entire story right along with them!! Definitely overjoyed that she granted us MORE Angel and Sarah! I will say though, before reading this great book, read Forever Mine first, as it takes place right before this and will help immensely in you understanding this book a lot better.

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