Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Binary Law by M.H. Grace

 I was contacted by one of the authors if I would be interested in reviewing this book. I accepted and was intrigued by the synopsis. It sounded like such a great love story. Once I started I was sucked into the book and hooked on it. I could not put the book down and read it all in one sitting.

The book starts of with Blake, a cute computer geek, running late to his tutoring lesson with Ellie, a girl who he has been attracted to for years but has never had the courage to pursue. Little does he know, Ellie has the same feelings for Blake, but is also too scared to act on them. The way that Blake got all nervous and tongue twisted around Ellie was so cute, I was giggling while reading through this part. Finally on this last day of tutoring, they both reveal their true feelings for one another, they are both ecstatic to know the feelings are mutual and want to pursue a relationship.

Life throws them both a curve ball and steps in the way, pulling these two away from one another suddenly and leaves Blake without an explanation.

I felt so bad for one another, to Blake it seemed as if Ellie had just disappeared from the face of the earth, with no ways to contact her or find her. He felt heartbroken, but to Ellie's defense she felt the same way. 

We fast forward 6 years later, Ellie has broken up with a boyfriend that she realized could not replace Blake, or the feelings she had for him. She decides to take a new job in Boston, leaving all of that behind. Meanwhile Blake has established a great computer program company with two of his close best friends. But all this time he has never gotten over his Ellie, it was a bit funny how his friends thought she was just some made up girl.

While in her new job, Ellie is called up by her associates and assigned a case dealing with a big plagiarism lawsuit, told that she will meet with the clients, "3BCuBed", in a few hours. She goes to attend this meeting and what would you know, who is one of these clients? None other than Blake himself! And he is no longer a geeky young boy, no way, now he is an impressive well built man. He no longer has that long geeky hair, it is now a short buzz cut, replacing his old glasses are now nice black square rim glasses. The same glasses that Ellie once mentioned she thought would look sexy on him.

I could picture all of this in my head, Ellie's shocked face, Blake's shocked face and the other two associates confused face. It was as if it was meant to be for these two to run into one another again.

I loved when they met once again, you could tell that the spark between them was still there. I loved how Blake was still had feelings for her and just the thought of her having another man in his life made his heart break. But thankfully they are able to pick up were they left off 6 years ago. Seeing them reconnect and just get to know once another one again was so enjoyable. Even when they were apart from one another the connection was there. Blake had a way of just making me swoon. Seeing their relationship blossom was enjoyable. I also enjoyed the little mystery part of the story involving the lawsuit and the other guys. It made me even more intrigued to continue reading the book. 

The ending to this book was so beautiful and perfect for this couple that was pulled apart so abruptly from one another. And the epilogue, OH MY GOD! I was shocked and DID NOT expect that AT ALL!! Now I am beyond excited to read this next book and see where this story goes. I am told that this whole series could be taken as stand alones, as they each focus on different characters, but characters we have met in this book already. Being that this is co-written by two authors, I was not 100% sure how it would flow. To my surprise it flowed quite nicely. I was hooked and pulled in, not being able to stop until I hit the end of the book. This book is a great read and I highly recommend it for those light romance reads. And when I say light romance read I mean that is is not filled with gritty, dark and intense situations that keep the couples apart for longer than they need to be.

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