Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alice Acadamy by Riley Y.J. Jensen

I was contacted by Riley's mother asking for advice on how to get exposure for her book. After chatting with her she asked if I would be willing to review her book. She knew that I did not typically read these type of books and that they would be better suited for a younger crowd. Or so she said. I gladly agreed to accept a copy of it in exchange for an honest review. After receiving the book and looking through it I was amazed to see the beautiful hand drawn artwork found inside this book. I will say I read this book through one sitting and loved every single page. This young girl has a great gift with the way she writes. I highly suggest these books for those of you who enjoyed "Mortal Instruments" series and/or "Hunger Games". This book gave me that type of vibe. It was fantasy/paranormal and suspense. And even though I said it might be better suited for younger ages, really anyone could read and thoroughly enjoy it. 

The story is told in first person pov. Lunar Graves has given up on people. She was left by the one person she trusted and looked up to, her father. She lives day to day with no friends and being by herself. She has these sudden rage moments in which she gets into many fights. Finally the school has enough and she is sent away to a new 'military school', "Alice Acadamy". The moment she gets there she realizes that the school is not normal. She discovers that she has some sort of power and is a "Godchild" brought to this academy to develop her powers. The first person she meets is a young but named Mason, there to show her around and tell hew things work around there. She also has a run in with Ash, this unique guy (won't really say more about him, to not spoil things). Mason gives her a little bit of a rundown as to how to behave in the school, where to not go, etc. As she is settling in, Lunar goes off exploring on her own and has an encounter with a wolf, who is really a shape shifter named Kestrel. Instantly there's a sort of bond and connection between these two. I enjoyed how protective he was of Lunar and how loving as well. 

Soon Lunar is told that Ash, the complicated boy who seems to want nothing to do with her, is the one assigned to take care if her. They are assigned the same classes as well as assigned same dorm. Their relationship is interesting to say the least. This is where I begin to get vague on the plot as I do not want to give anything away. Lunar begins classes and soon discovers that she is one of the rare "Godchildren", she is what is called an "Element"...water element to be exact. Since she first arrived to the school she's noticed that people warn her that things aren't how they seem. Soon she realizes the true reason for the academy. It's an eye opening moment when she realizes it. Between her and Ash, they seem to be starting a sort of revolution against the government. The way that things develop is very interesting. I am very curious as to see where this series goes.

The way this story is written is magnificent, I was captivated and pulled into this book. The author was able to pull me in and make me feel as if I WAS Lunar and was the one going through all those moments of doubt, uncertainty and scared. I definitely recommend this book for those that love fantasy/paranormal type of books. I am certain that you will not regret it!! After I was finished with this book, my younger sister asked me about it and instantly asked if she could borrow it to read as well. Now she isn't one to read books, never getting into a book. But she was captivated and started to read it as well. She is only a few chapters in but I can tell already that she is thoroughly enjoying it as well. I am highly impressed by this book and give this author high praises. I cannot wait to see how she develops her writing as she grows.

I will end this review in saying, unlike other books that are available as ebooks on Amazon or similar websites, this book is only available online through the author. Just search Alice Acadamy on Facebook and you will find the page and how to order it!

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