Monday, January 13, 2014

HER by Felicia Johnson

I received an ACR copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I will begin to say, I did not know what to expect from this book. What I found was a book that I cannot seem to describe. It was so RAW and emotional book, one of the most emotional ones I have ever read. The way that Felicia went about writing this book was just amazing! I seriously don't think I can find the words to fully explain how much I enjoyed this book, or how to describe it. I think this is one of those books that just about everyone should read. 

Kristen is a 17 year old girl, sent away to Bent Creek after a failed suicide attempt. The thing is, Kristen has no idea WHY she wants to hurt herself, only that she gets these urges to do so. She is scared and angry when she first arrives her. But she found comfort in Mr. Sharp, as long as Mr. Sharp was there she knew that she would be fine. Unsure of what brought on these urges to hurt herself, Kristen was reluctant and scared to open up to her doctors, fearing that she would be judged for everything she said.
As time progresses Kristen finally begins to open up not only to her doctors and counselors, but to her fellow peers as well. Once she began to open up she found out how she was not alone, they were struggling with similar challenges in their lives. After a failed suicide attempt at Bent Creek, Kristen begins to learn how precious life really is, she then takes a test to try and determine what she is suffering from. The test reveals that she suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. She was scared and did not believe that was true. But began to cooperate to find ways to control it, in hopes of one day being strong enough, emotionally, to leave Bent Creek and return home.

But once home, Kristen sees how much more difficult it is to cope with her condition, the story shows her daily struggles. We see her in her moments of weakness but also shows us how strong she is. We see both the good times and the bad times of her situation, learning truly what people with BPD struggle with. There are so many deep and emotional moments in this book.

There are so many twists and turns in this book. It was such an amazing story. I for one do not normally gravitate towards these type of books. My go to books are always romance novels, focused around the New Adult category, but I am so glad that I gave this book a chance and read it. You get to see the daily struggles of someone dealing with BPD. This book opened up my eyes to see what others are struggling with. Great job with this book Felicia!!

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