Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twice In A Lifetime by Ruthie Henrick

I received than ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I will start off with saying, if you are looking for hot Alpha male romance book then this is not the book for you. But this is a very beautiful and romantic story. It's a story fill of betrayals, healing and above all: second chances. 
Sometimes you need a book that is just full of love and real life situations to take a break from those intense, hot, steamy books. From the very start of it all you saw how much Jake loved Allie, yet he did what was best for her and continued to be her best friend while she was with Ben. He suffered through everything from Ben and Allie dating, to getting married, to when they had their first child. Throughout it all Jake was their by heir side, being the best friend and being 'Uncle Jake'. Anything Allie needed from him. Then tragedy strikes and Ben is killed in a car accident. Upon his death, secrets and betrayals from Ben's part come to light. The Ben that Allie and Jake seemed to have known is not really who he was. But Allie finds the strength to forgive Ben. Slowly she moves on with this new life that she has, and as always Jake is by her side to care for her. I loved how Jake never left her no matter how much it hurt to know she wasn't his.
The way this story continues and developed. It was wonderful and just how I wanted it to play out! The way their relationship evolves is wonderful, I loved how they both fell for one another yet Allie  was blind to it all. I am so happy that Allie got a second chance for her Happily Ever After. 

This story is such well written. I fell for these characters do hard and fast. I loved how involved we were in their lives. I am excited to look for more books by this great author!

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